The Different Types Of Wigs | The Ultimate Guide

Density only applies to human hair wigs.

Prices of wigs

Certain factors such as the material used, the density, the color, and the size of the lace influence the final price of the wig. Learn about it below.

  1. material

Of course, human hair is much more expensive than synthetic or organic hair. And among the synthetic types, there are the cheapest and the most expensive depending on the quality. See the difference and understand more here. There can also be big differences in value between human hair wigs depending on the quality of hair used. Selected hair is more expensive than unselected hair.

  1. Lace trimming

In the lace business, the hair threads are implanted by hand, one by one, which takes time. Therefore, the larger the wig area, the more time-consuming and expensive the preparation.

  1. Colors

The more colors your wig has, the more it will cost you. For example, if it is made with one color, it will be cheaper compared to another highlight or ombre, which consists of two or more colors. And, in the case of human hair wigs, wigs made with dark highlights are cheaper than blonde ones. Wavy and curly textures also make wigs expensive. For synthetic wigs, the hair color and texture usually don’t influence the price.

4- length

The longer the hair threads used to make the wig, the more expensive it will be. Usually applied more to human hair because it takes years to grow and donors (against a cut and sum) of long hair are harder to find.

5- Density

The higher the density, the greater the amount of hair yarn used to make the wig, and the more expensive it will be. Shorter wigs are less expensive, while bulkier and thicker ones are more expensive.


quality The quality of a wig begins with the choice of material, the subtlety, and the delicacy of the finishes during the construction of this one. Do you know what features to look for when choosing a wig, so that it is of the highest quality and looks natural? Below we will teach the main points to observe.

A Type Of Hair

360º lace wig

As the name suggests, this type of wig has 360º tulle, that is, all around the cap in the contour line. At the very top, the hair is sewn in, being an intermediate alternative between the Front and Full types. see the figure below.

The 360º Lace wig has the advantage of being able to tie the hair very high and to make the natural distribution at the part of the seams. The price is intermediate to the other two types because the lace area is larger than that of the front lace and smaller than the full lace.

This is our favorite type as it offers the best value for money as you don’t pay as much as a Full Lace and you can still tie the hair on top of your head easily.

For human hair, choose 100% Remy human hair or organic virgin hair wigs. This will keep it from embarrassing and will make it last much longer than Remy’s hair. For synthetic wigs, the best are those that use Korean fiber.

Size of the lace

The size of the lace matters if you want to have the freedom to distribute the hair. If the lace is small, it will limit


line A natural and degraded contour line will leave your wig very realistic. Some features to look out for when buying your wig:


The durability of a wig will depend on several factors, including:

1-hair quality

Of the synthetic options, Korean fiber wigs will last much longer than Kanekalon or another lower yarn. Already if you opt for human hair, to the last longer, you must select virgin or Remy hair.

2-Size of the lace

Theoretically, the higher the lace, the lower the durability. Indeed, as the threads of the hair on the lace are tied by hand, one by one, it is the most fragile part of the wig. Every time you comb and wash you lose a few threads. So the longer the lace of the wig, the shorter its durability. However, in practice, the difference is minimal if you buy a lace wig made by experienced and qualified professionals with quality control then I will recommend to buy from Kameymall.


As we discussed earlier, you will lose wig strands over time. For this reason, the greater the thread density, i.e. the more threads the wig has, the longer it will last.

4-Frequency of use and care

For the same reason mentioned above, the wig will wear according to the frequency of use. Try not to sleep with your wig on, if you do, tie it up or do a braid or two. Same for going to the beach or swimming pool. See below the care you can give your wig to make it last longer.

Cup size

You can easily determine the ideal cup size using a tape measure. If you don’t have a tape measure in your hands, you can use a string and then measure with a ruler. If your measurements are between one size and another, always prefer the larger size, because the caps always have elastics and adjustments for adjustment and, in this way, the wig will be more comfortable for you.

Although wigs have adjustable elastics, it’s always a good idea to get the capsize right for the perfect fit and a more natural result.

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