The Matter That Impact your Personality: Which Glasses Are Right for You?

You start by choosing the right glasses frame. Your face shape often decides whether narrow, round, rectangular or square glasses look good on your face. The size of the glasses, for example the width of the glasses, also plays an important role when choosing the right glasses.

You are looking for new Cazal sunglasses, you can visit a site , or you any pair of glasses from any brand and ask yourself the question “Which glasses are right for me?” In addition to a few basic rules regarding face shape and size, your personal taste and the purpose or location are important factors when choosing glasses.

Your previous glasses are of course a good starting point. If you are completely satisfied with your current glasses, you can simply opt for a similar shape. If you want to change yourself or want to buy glasses for the first time, the following face shape guide for glasses wearers as well as some tips on size of the glasses provide you with some basic rules.

The perfect fit for your face when glasses enhance your personality 

Is there a shape of glasses that suits my face in particular? These are the questions many people who wear glasses ask themselves and although every face is unique, there are actually some basic rules when choosing glasses. Because in addition to personal taste, the face shape often determines whether glasses harmonize with the face.

Tip: Try on glasses online with the 2D or 3D try-on. So you can get a good impression right in front of your screen. You can start virtual fitting of the glasses by uploading a photo or using the webcam.

In the following we explain typical face shapes and give you recommendations on the right glasses shape.

When it comes to choosing a perfect glass that suits your face shape, you must consider going through these points:

Glasses for square faces

Since the forehead, cheeks and chin are uniformly wide and the jaw is pronounced on angular faces, the face usually looks distinctive. People with this face shape are best suited to glasses with circular or oval lenses, as they soften strict facial features and give you a softer expression. Aviator glasses (pilot glasses) or models in the cat-eye style are definitely beneficial for a square face – they flatter the face. Glasses with angular lenses, on the other hand, emphasize angular faces and are less recommended. Unless you intend a rather strict, tart, distinctive style.

Glasses for round faces

With round faces, all parts of the face are evenly shaped. The cheeks and forehead are about the same width, the chin is round and the face appears softer overall. Rectangular glasses give this face shape contour, stretch optically and make you look narrower. Choosing the frames of the glasses depends on various factors but here, you should choose narrow. Glasses that visually enhance the shape of the face prove to be disadvantageous: round lenses with relatively small frames should therefore be avoided.

Glasses for heart-shaped faces

The typical features of the heart-shaped face are a broad forehead, pronounced cheekbones and a narrow, rather pointed chin. You can wear almost anything. Angular glasses shapes that become wider towards the top add a bit of contour to the face. Especially glasses with oval or round lenses flatter heart-shaped faces and bring you optically in balance. Delicate glasses frames ensure softer contours and an overall more harmonious appearance. Oval and round shapes also achieve this effect. Bright colors and wide frames are rather unfavorable, as they underline the heart shape.

Eyeglasses for oval faces

The proportions of oval faces are mostly balanced and harmonious. While the chin and forehead appear rather narrow, the cheeks are more pronounced. The oval face can be approximately twice as compared to its width. People having oval faces have an easy time finding the perfect glasses. Almost every frame suits you – whether circular/round or overgenerous. You just have to ensure that the spectacles aren’t much large or very small. However, it is not advisable to use very narrow frames, as they visually stretch face and make it look even longer.

Last Words

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