Does no little girl dream of being an actress, a singer or, worst of all, a model? No wonder: the child feels like a beautiful fairy princess. And for a good reason, look at their luxurious dresses: each of them deserves a separate story or a role in the Disney cartoon. And such beauty is indeed “fabulous”. The media continuously analyses the most spectacular and expensive wedding dresses made by the most famous designers for celebrities. The dresses used by the stars are costly. Not only expensive but also the dresses are beautiful. Many celebrities in history are dresses used in history, which are very expensive and very charming.

Marilyn Monroe’s Gown :

The dress is one of the most beautiful dresses in the world. The dress is adorned with glitter crystals, where Marilyn sang “Happy Birthday” to President Kennedy on his birthday in 1981. Famous designer Jean-Louis Berthott designed the star specifically for the occasion and, as you know, modified his construction on the actress’s body until the last moment. The cost of this dress was about one million three million dollars. Many years later, the dress sold at auction for 4.8 million!

Black Dresses of Princess Diana :

Princess Diana has appeared in public three times in this favourite dress. Of course, princesses can afford a lot more. But she also showed insanity here, as Katherine Walker’s three-story floor-length evening dress appeared in public. She was wearing the costume during an official photoshoot at the 1989 opera premiere and the Cannes Film Festival about ten years later.

Lupita Nanyang O :

Lupita is known as the Black Pearl of Hollywood. At the 2015 Academy Awards, the actress swore everyone with her amazing Calvin Klein dress. Her dress was adorned with about 6,000 real pearls. This dress is fabulous. It cost about 150000 dollar to make this dress.

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