The Pros and Cons of Different Gold Chain Styles

Gold chains are a classic accessory that never goes out of style and can elevate any outfit to the next level. Many types of gold chains have their perks and disadvantages.

Figaro Gold Chain

The flattened links of a Figaro chain alternate with longer oval links to create the chain’s signature pattern, making it a popular choice among gold necklaces. Each link in a Figaro chain features similarly, creating a unique and eye-catching design. A figaro chain is a popular chain style that features flattened links in a repeating pattern. It is a versatile chain that can be worn with a variety of pendant styles, including Jesus rings.

The Figaro chain has some benefits and drawbacks, such as:


The Figaro chain’s strength and resilience come from its unique interlocking design.

Figaro chains are an evergreen accessory with a business dress or a night out on the town.

The chain is one size fits all, with a 45-50 cm length range, making it convenient to experiment with various looks.

In contrast to other chains, Figaro chains are affordable, making them available to a broader audience.


Figaro chains are frustrating because they tend to become tangled due to their interlocking construction.

Figaro chains may not be strong enough to support heavy pendants.

Rope Gold Chain

Rope gold chains are so named because their interlacing links evoke the look of a rope. The chain seems quite expensive due to the gold links. The versatility of the gold rope chain makes it a great accessory to have on hand. Gold strand chains come in a wide range of sizes and lengths and can be worn by either sex.

The benefits and drawbacks of using a rope chain include the following:

Rope gold chains’ pros

The twisted form of the chain makes it more durable and less likely to cause injury than a straight chain.

Rope chains in gold are versatile and may be used in many different styles. They can be accessorized with pendants and other jewelry or wear them independently for a more casual look.

Gold rope chains are traditional accessories that will never go out of style. These are heirloom-quality accessories that will be treasured for years to come.

Cons of Rope Chains

Even though gold rope chains are as long-lasting as any other piece of jewelry, they may need more attention than others. The chain’s delicate construction makes it challenging to clean thoroughly, and storing it incorrectly can cause the individual strands to become tangled.

A rope gold chain could be heavier than others because of its intricate weave. This could be a problem for those who prefer lighter jewelry or have skin easily irritated by heavier chains.

Box Gold Chain

A box gold chain is a necklace characterized by tiny, square links that interlock to create a box shape.

Box Gold Chains Pros

Box gold chains are low-maintenance because their links are smooth and firmly woven. The shine and cleanliness of the chain can be preserved with a simple wipe with a soft cloth or a gentle soak in lukewarm water and mild soap.

Box gold chains, like rope gold chains, are sturdy and difficult to break. The chain’s square links interlock, creating a solid framework that can survive everyday use without breaking.

Gold Box Chain Cons

Box gold chains may weigh more than other types because of how their square links interlock.

Due to the interlocking square links, a box gold chain may restrict its movement. This could be a drawback for people who would like a chain with greater freedom of movement or a chain that can be shaped in various ways.

Curb Gold Chain

Interlocking oval or round links create a regular and symmetrical pattern in a curb chain. The chain’s links are smooth and luxurious since they are flat on the outside and rounded on the inside.

Gold curb chains pros

Curb chains are easily distinguished from other styles of chains because of the unique texture created by their flattened links.

A curb gold chain’s smooth, tightly woven links make it easy to clean and preserve. The shine and cleanliness of the chain can be preserved with a simple wipe with a soft cloth or a gentle soak in lukewarm water and mild soap.

Gold Curb Chains Cons

A curb chain’s close links may also make it more prone to tangling, which can be a nuisance to undo.

Curb chains are more expensive than other chains because of their superior quality and distinctive appearance.

A curb chain’s long lifespan is advantageous, but it also requires extra maintenance to keep it looking great.

Snake Gold Chain

Jewelry artisans frequently employ snake chains. A network of small, circular connections forms a flexible tube-like structure. The tiny, closely spaced links are responsible for the shiny, sleek appearance.


Snake Gold chains are an excellent option for sensitive skin because they are hypoallergenic.

The rings are often thin and slightly flattened so that they can be worn more quickly.

Snake chains are versatile since they can be worn as necklaces, bracelets, or anklets and embellished with charms or pendants.

Snake chains are distinctive because of their flowing, undulating shape. The wavy chain creates a glitter that catches the light and gives any outfit a touch of sophistication.

Snake chains are typically comfortable for long periods due to their lightweight and flexibility.

The chain can be worn with any outfit because of its fluid and flexible texture, which allows it to follow the shape of the wearer’s body.


Snake chains are typically more expensive than other chains because of the complexity of the wavy links and the amount of gold required to make them. This could be a drawback for those on a strict budget or who would instead put their money into less expensive jewelry.

Snake chains are fragile because of the intricate snake connections between each link. If the chain is not handled with care or gets caught on something, the links may become bent or contorted.

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