The Psychology Behind the Used Panty Fetish

On the adult product market, buying and selling used underwear has been a common practice for a long time, on par with the practice of buying and selling any other private commodity. What exactly is the story behind those cute and sultry little secondhand pants? Why buy soiled underwear? Learn more about their mental makeup in the following section.

The used panty fetish

The concept of buying used panties from a vending machine began in Japan more than twenty years ago. At that time, it was common practice for businessmen in that country to do so. At that time, one of the reasons given was that they did not have time to contact women due to their hectic lifestyles, and this was given as one of the causes. Women are able to satiate the male instinct by releasing their signature odors through their old undergarments, which have a sexual attraction.

Every single person has essential and highly individual needs pertaining to their sexual urges and preferences. Many people have a strong preference for traditional sexual encounters, while others adore BDSM, and yet others like to let their imaginations run wild by playing with underwear. Many of those who were interviewed for the article gave some of their comments as follows:

1. It’s all about the smells, first and foremost.

Even though it can be challenging to accept our own body odor, most of us have a natural inclination to be drawn to the aromas of other people. Pheromones that a woman emits can be extremely sexually stimulating, especially for men. This biological characteristic can be found in all living things, including humans, who, of course, are not an exception. One of the signals that are given to the brain about fertility and sexuality that turns men on is a female vaginal discharge that has a potent and recognizable odor.

2. Let them loose with their wild and imaginative imaginations.

Not only the aroma is significant, but also the cut and design of the shorts, in addition to the day-to-day activities that are involved with wearing them. Thin, see-through lace trousers that still have the smell of the vagina or tight pants remind men of curves, and the things that women do when they wear them are sensual and horny. Men are attracted to women who wear these types of pants. Something that is frowned upon and considered servile due to the fact that the owner of the underwear is aware of the desires of the man who is purchasing it and is selling him her most personal items.

3. An insatiable need to know

This is also a method for learning about the opposing gender, including their preferences in terms of fragrances, interests, and routines, as well as their sexual orientation.

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