WordPress is one of the most used website domains on the internet today. Due to the rise in the use of WordPress, various themes from WordPress have also emerged, and you can design your website anyhow you want with any form of WordPress theme. When viewing a site or reading through it, have you ever seen a theme that is appealing to you or a theme that catches your eye? Do you want to know where or how the theme came about? That is what WordPress theme detector is for.

What Is WordPress Theme Detector?

WordPress theme detector is one of the fastest and most reliable ways of getting a site’s theme. By getting this means that you can know what theme the site is using the theme detector. It is a free online tool to detect a website’s theme and plugins. If you are a blogger or even a website designer looking for new WordPress themes, this is for you. Every site for WordPress detector is free on most sites. You can copy the URL of the site you want to find out about and paste it into the WordPress theme detector. An example is, the best WP theme detector you can ever find and easily use.

The Basis of Themesinfo WP Theme Detector

Themesinfo is one of the best sites to use when trying to get the theme and plugins in a website. Themesinfo is free, reliable, and easy to use, and it can detect the installed WordPress themes and WordPress plugins. All you need to do is copy the URL of the site that interests you and paste it onto It will scan the page to bring you the themes, plugins, and even content management. It can also find more than one theme or plugin on that site as long as it is a WordPress site.

Why Themesinfo WordPress Theme Detector

  • It is free: Themesinfo WP theme detector is a free website that detects themes easily. There is no form of commission or payment being made to scan the sites. The only payment made is to obtain the theme, and not all themes are paid for. Some of the themes are free.
  • It is for WordPress only: Instead of going through the whole WordPress directory to find the perfect theme for you, there is the part of getting WordPress websites and pasting them on Themesinfo just to get the perfect WordPress theme. It is best for a website designer who uses WordPress or a blogger with a WordPress domain. It is strictly for WordPress only.
  • There are other options for you: This is for people or website developers that might not be satisfied with the website they chose. You can browse through the Themesinfo directory and find amazing website themes, some of which are not WordPress themes alone. Some of these themes are also free to acquire, and all you need is to download the theme. For designers that are looking for other themes, this is the site for you. These themes are sorted out by the latest or the most featured, and the number of people that have used the theme is also displayed beside the theme.

The great point is that Themesinfo has its Chrome extension that simplifies users’ experience. It has a setting that allows a button to change color when it detects a WordPress theme. The button turns blue when there is a WordPress theme and grey when there is none. This will also help you find WordPress themes easily and scan the site to know what theme was used.

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