These Hottest Romance Books You Should Read in Summer by Vi Keeland

If you’re looking for the best romance novels to get you in the mood, hold on a second. First, light some candles, brew a hot cup of tea, get comfy on your sofa and check out romance books by Vi Keeland.

Bestselling author Vi Keeland has a unique writing style that will get you obsessed with her books from the very beginning. She is funny, witty and her stories are filled with romance and steam. No wonder her books were translated into more than twenty six languages all over the world and have gained millions of readers.

My advice to you, if you’re unfamiliar with her novels, is to never look for The Summer Proposal spoiler, or any other Vi Keeland books spoilers. Just go through the entire reading experience, it’s worth it.

You really can’t go wrong with the rom-com genre. It’s entertaining, an easy-read, as well as alluring. Vi Keeland has rounded the perfect male characters to make you salivate for even more romance stories. From jocks and players to handsome billionaires, you will find any type of man you secretly desire.

Her novels are filled with snarky remarks and embarrassing situations, so smiles and laughs are in the cards while reading Vi Keeland romance books. Don’t miss out on her breathtaking novels. You know who will do you know what on multiple occasions throughout the stories, so nakedness and steam are also recurrent motifs.

Part 1: 5 Books By Vi Keeland Make You Can’t Stop Reading

If you’re reading Vi Keeland books, summer won’t be the only thing heating you up. So, if you’re ready to check out some of the author’s novels, here are some of her best stories.

Book Name: The Summer Proposal

Blurb: The summer Proposal by Vi Keeland starts with the beautiful Georgia, who is set up on a blind date with Adam, an average looking guy with an average job. To her surprise, a handsome man walks into the bar and comes straight to her. Smart, funny, not to mention drop-dead gorgeous was exactly what Georgia needed to get over her latest break-up. It seemed like the sun smiled on her with this God-looking man, except that he wasn’t her real date.

When the real Adam showed up, Max left Georgia a hockey ticket, telling her how will be waiting for at the game if things don’t work out with Adam. After a boring date, Georgia takes a leap of faith and goes to the game only to find out that Max was a player. Will he also play with her heart?

Pros: It’s a truly engaging story. Georgia is a smart, bold girl who has the guts to go meet a stranger at a hockey game and begin a no-strings-attached relationship with him. And Max is this hunk who dives into this summer love arrangement without thinking about consequences. I simply love the madness between them and the chemistry they share.

Book Name: The Invitation

Blurb: After her ex-roommate fled in the middle of the night, owing her rent money, Stella figured the woman should repay her with an expensive night out. Thus, assuming her ex-roommate’s identity, Stella crashes a wedding where the girl was invited.

There she meets Hudson, a dream-guy, with whom she has loads of fun. Unfortunately, the fun ends abruptly when Hudson figures out that the girl isn’t who she really says she is. With her cover blown, Stella runs away, breaking some expensive glasses of champagne in the process.

Just when she thought she got away, she realized her phone was missing. And guess who found it? Exactly. The one and only gorgeous and now angry Hudson. Read The Invitation by Vi Keeland to see how things work out for the two of them.

Pros: One of the things I mostly enjoyed about this novel is the embarrassing situation Stella puts herself through on her own. She knew she could get caught, but she did something crazy for once and it backfired. This novel is so filled with funny, entertaining circumstances that it’s impossible to not love it.

Book Name: The Rivals

Blurb: Besides wealth, Weston and Sophia inherited a little bit more from their parents and grand-parents. They inherited a vicious family feud. Everything started when their grandparents fought for the same woman years ago, tearing their friendship apart. None of them wound up with the girl, but their rivalry remained intact throughout the years.

Considering their history, Weston and Sophia were natural born enemies who simply ignore one another, but everything takes an unexpected turn when the two families inherit a hotel from the woman their grandfathers loved.

In The Rivals by Vi Keeland fighting and making up in bed become routine for Weston and Sophia who keep denying their true feelings for one another.

Pros: I like the love-hate relationship and the bickering between Weston and Sophia. You can actually feel the sexual tension building up every time they squabble and you know what’s going to happen next.

Book Name: Bossman

Blurb: Reese is having possibly the worst date of her life. While calling her best friend to bail her out from the awful date, she is interrupted by a stranger, who scolds her for giving up so easily.

The stranger Chase and his date Bridget come over to Reese and Martin’s table and Chase begins talking to Reese as if knowing her for her whole life. Immediately, everyone cheered up listening to the funny stories Chase and Reese manifested on the spot.

After a while, the two of them meet again and Reese is hired to work in Chase’s company. Chase promises to pursue Reese and she vows to reject him every time. Bossman by Vi Keeland depicts the delicious cat and mouse game between the two of them. Will Chase trap Reese?

Pro: The embarrassing fake stories that Chase and Reese come up with during their encounters are simply delicious. Their beautiful lies keep piling up, putting the two leading characters in difficult situations, for the reader’s amusement. Another huge plus is the constant flirting between the two of them, which is also funny and entertaining.

Book Name: Inappropriate

Blurb: Ireland gets fired from the company she worked for the last nine years for inappropriate behavior. All she did was post a private video of herself during her vacation and she was laid off work.

Drunk and brave, one night she emails her billionaire boss a message, giving him her honest opinion regarding his company and its politics. Intrigued, Grant Lexington, the company’s boss, starts digging the truth about the girl’s dismissal and hires her back.

Now, he feels drawn to her just as Ireland will be attracted to Grant. Follow Inappropriate by Vi Keeland to find out whether the boss and his employee can make their relationship work, while romance flames will consume their aching bodies.

Pro: Among all the romance stories available for reading, this particular one stands out. The snarky, fearless Ireland is not afraid to tell her boss upfront exactly what she thinks of him and his company. I like her bravery and I also love the fact that she’s not this stubborn, proud woman who would turn her back to Grant when he hires her back. Grant really brings out her soft side anytime he interacts with her.

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