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Things you should know about Scalp Tattoo before Investing in it

However, there are some things you must think about before getting a hair tattoo. Hair tattoos appear to be a terrific approach to cope with losing hair and receding hairlines. Men and women must carefully consider the benefits and drawbacks of all available choices before deciding on a course of therapy for hair loss.

It is likely that if you have hair loss, you would strive to cover it up every day. To prevent people from seeing what is going on inside your head, you may cover it up with hats, sweatshirts, and other types of headgear. These, however, are not permanent answers to the issue. Everyone around you will eventually learn that you are getting bald since your head still has no hair on it.

The scalp tattoo procedure can help with this. The procedure gives the impression that you just buzzed or shaved your head. Entire, it appears clean and fashionable, especially when combined with short stubble, which strengthens the overall impression.

How does it work?

Dots that resemble hair follicles on the scalp are used in scalp tattoos to make it appear as though you have hair follicles. To get the most natural-looking scalp tattoo possible, several various needle angles, pigment colors, needle thicknesses, and penetration depths can be employed in a single session.

So it’s comparable to having a tattoo?

Not quite. Ink is injected far deeper into the flesh and much larger gauge needles are used for traditional tattoos. Additionally, the ink used for scalp tattoos differs greatly from that used for typical tattoos since it is intended that it will not become blue over time. Not merely regular tattoo equipment modified for this operation, the ink and tools utilized are specially created for it.

Is it individualized?

It is, indeed! Each person has a different hairline, hair color, and texture. Care must be given to adhering to hair patterns that are similar to your natural hair pattern for the procedure to appear believable. Even the hair follicles’ development patterns have a jagged appearance, which should be mirrored in a scalp tattoo.

Is it secure?

Yes, if you receive it at a reputable facility. Since the procedure is not surgical, no medicines are needed for the therapy. It creates the appearance that your head is covered with dense hair follicles and leaves no skin scars. The instantaneous results are the greatest part. 

Does receiving SMP therapy hurt?

Most SMP clinics numb the area before the treatment, and most patients rate their discomfort on a scale of 1 to 10, at a 3. Results come right away, and the process is extremely comfortable.

To conclude 

In the end, hair-loss sufferers have the option of starting a medicine regimen that will promote actual hair to come back organically or getting tattoos that resemble hair but lack the extra advantages.

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