Three Reasons You Should Detach Yourself from Social Media If You Have an Active Car Accident Claim

Following a traumatic car accident, victims may want to get in touch with their family and friends to get support. A lot of them may want to do this through social media websites. However, using social medial after a crash can set a trap for oneself. A victim’s social media posts can ruin their injury claim, which can result in a devalued or denied claim. If you are one of these victims, you should consult a houston car accident attorney before you post anything on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media websites. Here’s how your social media engagements or presence can negatively affect your car accident claim:

The Other Pary Might Interpret Your Comments as Admissions of Fault

In the stressful moments following a car accident, you could say all sorts of things. And you may want to apologize for what happened even if it wasn’t your fault. However, this statement can hurt your claim, particularly when the defense can access it and use it against you.

The at-fault party’s insurance company has its own legal team that is willing to go through whatever you say regarding the accident online. Even brief comments can give them something to work on while they try to assert your contribution to the crash.

Your Confidentiality Can be Destroyed

If you discuss your case with your attorney, you can expect complete confidentiality. But, all the details of your case must remain confidential.  If you share them on social media, they become public. In turn, the opposing party will have access to the information you would not want them to know.

Your Activities Can be Used to Question Your Injury

Recovery from a crash can take a long time and as a victim, you deserve bright moments in this journey. You may think that going out with friends or spending a night out at a recreational center might lift the burden of your suffering and recovery. However, for the at-fault driver’s insurance provider and its attorneys, these activities can demonstrate that you are exaggerating or faking your pain and suffering. And when they see photos or videos of you on social media celebrating your recovery, they may play them up as much as they can.

Car accident lawyers will usually recommend that you stay off social media following a car accident. Although being out of touch with the people you love and care about can feel frustrating, your social media activity can be used by the other party to hurt your claim.

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