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Top 3 Digital Marketing Jobs To Consider In 2022

Digital marketing is an industry which is developing with the speed of light expanding its borders day by day. Almost everything nowadays is directly or not directly connected to digital marketing due to its large range of features and opportunities. Therefore in digital marketing there are also many high demanded professions and jobs requiring creative and technical skills. 

So if you’re interested in the digital world full of innovations and creativity and want to build your career, take a look at this little guide which will help you to know about and choose from the top three digital marketing jobs that are still trendy in 2022. 

1. Social Media Manager

Social media is considered to be a very powerful platform in digital marketing full of creativity and responsibility. The main responsibility of the social media manager is to raise a brand’s voice online and provide a proper presence through their social media channels. Social media managers can use task management softwares to organize their daily or weekly planning of social media posts and activity overall, to make it more productive and efficient. 

Creating social media marketing strategies with monthly and daily plans which includes implementing campaigns, engaging with an audience, answering questions and responding to messages and comments, increasing brand’s visibility in social media portals, choosing right tools and other. If you’re excited about leading social media platforms of brands and implementing your great ideas into reality, then this job is for you. 

2. SEO Specialist

For any business with an active online presence, the work of the SEO specialist is crucial. SEO or Search Engine Optimization helps to navigate people to the right information by carefully inserting relevant keywords in the high-quality content on a website or blog, and providing this website’s ranking and visibility in search engines like Google or other. 

The SEO specialist is in charge of discovering those keywords for the business and making sure that it’s natural for the created content. With the proper SEO skills and knowledge the specialist will help to increase ranks in the search results, reaching a larger number of people who want or need the product that the company is selling. Before starting the journey of an SEO specialist, learn more about international SEO best practices, and be aware of the essential aspects of this profession. 

3. Data Analyst

In the last few years Artificial Intelligence (AI) gained a lot of importance and popularity in the digital marketing world. So the job of Data Analyst has become demanding for many companies. Data Analyst has the main responsibility to analyze data so that businesses can interpret it and apply it to their digital marketing initiatives. Especially companies which sell services online, always work with a huge amount of data, so the data specialist will deal with it using knowledge of data analyst and also data softwares to make the process more correct. 

The specialists that are interested in this job must have technical knowledge and a computing science background, as this work requires a strong understanding of data optimization, programming, and machine learning to accomplish better digital marketing activities.


More than ever before, in 2022 the world of digital marketing offers a wide range of professional prospects. As this field is growing rapidly, all you should do, to determine which profession’s knowledge and skills are more appropriate to your experience and interests and start your job research already today, also using our guide as a helpful advisor. 


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