TOP 3 Fast and Free PDF Converters That You Can Trust

Documents and paperwork are essential to our daily lives. With our technology nowadays, instead of handing out materialized documents and files, we send them via email. That way, it is easier for both parties, saving time and effort. But have you ever tried sending a Word document and but then your file’s memory exceeds the platform’s memory limit? A quick and easy solution is to convert your Word document into a small-sized memory PDF file.

Converting your word files into PDF has so many benefits, and one of them is that no matter what operating system you will use to access PDF, you sure can. Downloading a Word to PDF converter tool would waste so much time and money. Fortunately, there are quick, easy and free, Word to PDF online converter tools out there that would save you from the workload.

1.    GogoPDF

GogoPDF Word to PDF online converter tool helps you convert your Word files into a PDF quickly and easily. You don’t even have to bother downloading unnecessary apps because, with GogoPDF, everything happens online, on their website. So your device is safe from programs that would potentially harm your devices. It would cost you nothing because its services are for free. You don’t even have to register. It will save you so much time and money.

Are you worried that your files and documents will get hacked or used for whatever purpose? You don’t have to think twice when it comes to GogoPDF’s privacy because your privacy is their priority. GogoPDF is dedicated to keeping safe of your privacy and your data’s content. The security of your content is important to GogoPDF. To reassure, GogoPDF deletes all contents after the upload after 60 minutes.

Converting your Word files into PDF has never been more comfortable with GogoPDF. The conversion process starts as soon as you upload your Word file, or if it makes it any easier, you can just drag your Word file from your device and drop it into the conversion box. After the upload, GogoPDF will instantly process the conversion. After a short while, you can now download and save your newly converted PDF file when the process bar finishes. Easy, right?

2.    PDFBear

If you are scarce when it comes to converting your Word files into PDF files, you need not worry about this because PDFBear saves the day. PDFBear helps you swiftly convert your Word files to PDF files, and it has never been so easy. Regarding the quality, PDFBear’s technology makes it so that there will be no changes with your file after the conversion, and it will retain all the format and quality. The conversion process is brief and simple as well.

PDFBear makes it possible that it already made the best possible quality setting for your document, so you don’t have to bother with any other options during the conversion process. Not only that but to PDFBear, your privacy is paramount. You don’t have to doubt when it comes to their privacy. After you upload the file you are about to convert, and it will be deleted within an hour after the conversion process. To PDFBear, your security is utmostly respected.

With PDFBear, you can convert your Word documents into PDF files in 4 easy to learn and simple steps. The conversion process starts when you upload the Word file that you want to convert into a PDF file. After the upload, PDFBear will start scanning your Word file to convert it to PDF. Wait for a short while, and after the process bar finishes, you can now download your converted PDF file. Converting with PDFBear has never been so simple.

3.    Smallpdf

Smallpdf’s Word to PDF online converter tool is a quick and efficient tool in converting your Word files into PDF. Your Word documents are converted to look the same as your initial file. With Smallpdf, you don’t need any options because it already made your conversion the best possible setting. You don’t have to hesitate to use Smallpdf’s services regarding your privacy and security because your privacy is Smallpdf’s first concern.

Smallpdf’s quick and efficient conversion process is so simple. The conversion process happens in 4 steps. The first step is to upload your Word file or drag your file and drop it into the conversion box. After the upload, Smallpdf will begin the conversion right away. After the conversion, you can have your file compressed, or if you want to modify it any further, you can, but if not, you can download the newly converted PDF file right away.


These Word to PDF converter tools have never been so convenient to save you from so much time bothering with downloading converter tools. With their brief and straightforward conversion, rest assured you can convert your files in no time. You have to choose which one you’re most comfortable with. Experience it now, for free.

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