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Top 3 Pokémon GO Spoofer – Schedule GPS movement

Pokémon GO is the most played game in the world, it has a large fan following and its players found their whole world in the levels of this game. This game has its soul in your geographical location. The amount of pokemon found in this game totally depends upon the population found in your area, so our experience of Pokemon go will be based on your location. That’s why it is important to spoof your location while playing this game.

Pro players of this game use different methods to change GPS location. There are some other reasons to spoof location in this game that the pokemon of your choice may not be found in your real geographical location, so it becomes the basic need to use pokemon go spoofer. Living in a low-populated area gives you a disadvantage in Pokemon Go. Changing location is not a herculean task. You can move your location to any place in the world instantly.

Pokemon Go is available in every country but being in every country does not mean having the same range of pokemon. Your area and population play an important role. Gyms, pokemon are abundantly found in urban areas and big cities. So the people living in rural areas use fake locations to find more versatile pokemon. So using a fake location means that you are playing on an even field with other players.

  1.   UnicTool TailorGo — Best Location Spoofer for iOS & Android:

UnicTool Tailor Go is a software used for multitasking in making fake GPS locations. It is very easy to use even for beginners. This software performs its best on any device. It works equally on Mac, iOS, and android. For spoofing your location, you can set your location manually in the settings of this application. By using UnicTool TailorGo, you can move your location to any place in the world instantly. This application has many features. Some of those are available for the free trial and some are available only for premium members.

It provides you security and privacy while remaining online. Not only do you get access to different pokemon, but also you get many other features like access to dating apps of that country. It is also a fun thing to show your location to some other country while using UnicTool TailorGo. It gives flexible direction, automatic moving to collect shining PokeStops, and keyboard control for right left, and upward movements. It has free trial joystick mode, teleport mode, and two-spot mode. Multi-spot mode and Historical records need premium access.

It is more than easy to change your location o UnicTool TailorGo. It can change your location on a location-based dating app. The android operating system fully supports it to change its GPS location without moving there in reality. It also provides a feature to stop the spoofing location at any time and move back to your real place in the game. You can simply select the teleport mode and select the destination to make a fake GPS location. Other than this Two-spot mode and Multi-spot mode are also available.

  1.   Fake GPS — Change GPS for Android

This software keeps your privacy intact and also offers you the chance to collect rare pokemon which are not available in your geographical location. It hides your real location from other online people which keeps your security and privacy in order. This software offers a variety of features and gives you a chance to enjoy different internet modes of different locations just by GPS spoofing. It also provides you a chance to score well in Pokemon Go.


  •  User friendly: This application is user-friendly and even much easier for beginners to use it for Pokemon Go and move their location to any place in the world instantly.
  • Works with every smartphone: This application works smoothly on any smartphone whether it is rooted or non-rooted.
  •  GPS joystick available:  It has the feature for virtual movement control called GPS joystick. It makes the function of movement easier.
  • History Table: It also comes along with a feature of the history tab which can work as a guide for your future activity.


  • Restriction of misuse: It has some restrictions which can give a blow to your online joy. It can cause banning your pokemon Go account if you are caught using GPS spoofing.
  • Limited access to the free version:  Its free version does not provide you with a lot of features rather it gives you only limited access to the random aspects of the software.
  • Online Advertisements:  This application becomes a bad experience when there comes a lot of online advertisements in the free version.
  1.   Surfshark VPN — Change IP & Spoof Location

Surfshark is a VPN that allows you to connect with the servers of different countries worldwide. It is widely used for different purposes. It changes your location to any place in the world instantly and makes you invisible from the online traffic. This application is also used to play pokemon go and collect pokemon from different regions. This VPN includes different features which are very useful like P2P-optimized servers, SmartDNS, the fast WireGuard protocol, and split tunneling.


  • It breaks restrictions from maximum streaming platforms.
  • Its security feature keeps your privacy intact.
  • Its customer support service is excellent.
  • It has free access
  • Its widely covered regions for fake GPS location makes it the best VPN service provider.


  • Its system does not support split tunneling while being operated in iOS.
  • It does not provide a strong connection with apple products.
  • Its premium services are too costly.


Games are played for the sake of entertainment. Some people made these games their passion and find glory in them. These games become famous worldwide and connect people with each other. There are some methods to provide a level playing field to all the players worldwide. Pokemon Go is also a game that can be played along with VPNs to get access to such features which are not available to some regions. SurfShark VPN, Fake GPS, and UnicTool Tailor Go are software that provides GPS spoofing. This fake GPS location makes your ranking in pokemon Go much better.

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