Top 5 Easy Bar Games to Try out in 2024

Ever since technology has risen and continues to grow at a rapid pace, casino services have been made available to a wide segment of players through the Internet. A brick-and-mortar casino might give you the advantage of being physically present, but it might have only some of the games that you seek. An online casino, allows one to enjoy their favorite games from the comforts of their homes. 

For beginners, facing a huge range of options might feel quite intimidating; therefore, in this blog, we have compiled a list of easy and beginner-friendly games that will suit your preferences.

  1. Blackjack

Believed to have originated in France during the 18th century, Blackjack has captured the hearts hearts of millions of players across the world. Blackjack basic rules involve playing against the dealer/house, where your hand worth should be more than the dealer’s but less than 21. Once the cards have been dealt to all the participants, you can either keep the same hand or ask for additional cards, til you stand close to 21. If your total is higher than the dealer’s, you have won. 

Make sure your point value does not cross 21; if so then it would sadly mean a bust. Though the rules are simple, do not let your guard down as it’s harder than it looks. The possibility of winning randomly is low but with blackjack strategy and gaming tricks, you’ll see yourself climbing the payout ladder in no time!

  1. Roulette

Second, on the list is Roulette, a popular casino game that is a must-have in every casino; without the roulette wheel, every casino would look half empty or not give it an authentic touch. In roulette, there are there are three main types that you should bear in mind, namely European, American, and French. The difference between European and American is that, the first one has 37 pockets from 0-36 while the latter has 38 pockets from 1-37 with the addition of a double zero. The European version has a lower house edge at 2.70%, making it a desirable choice. French Roulette is another type that uses ‘La Partage’ and ‘En Prison’ rules; La Partage is an effect in which the player will receive half of his even/odd wager back if the ball falls on zero, while in ‘En Prison’ the player gets another chance if the ball lands on zero if the player manages to land a win he gets his wager back, no winnings. These rules decrease the house edge to 1.35%, but even with a low house edge the casino still has the upper hand, therefore, stay on your guard. Look up roulette strategies online, to prepare yourself better before making a unwise wager.

  1. Video Poker

All you need to know to play this online and offline version of the classic game of poker is some basic knowledge of the game. It takes more skill and in-depth knowledge to win at regular poker. In traditional poker, winning mostly depends on your card combination. In video poker, however, you also need to be aware of your own cards in addition to those of your opponents. The ease of use and laxer rules of video poker are what entice so many players to this version of the game.

Paytables are important in video poker, and that’s the most important thing to know. Consider your potential payouts before you start playing, as the machine you’re at may pay you more or less for producing the same winning card combination (a full house, for example).

  1. Slot Machines

Slots became very popular during the 1970s, as it was the easiest mode of gambling accessible. One could find them in brick-and-mortar establishments or outside any random building. But nowadays, the modern generation has adapted to the use of online slots, which are quite convenient and offer good payouts and bonuses. 

The old-school slots weren’t that exciting as little happened, all you had to do was put in coins and pull the handle. But modern slots, not only focus on the payouts but ensure every slot game is accompanied by a story and a theme; making it interesting and more thrilling.

  1. Keno

Tracing its roots back to China during the rule of the Han Dynasty, Keno is a lottery game that also goes by the name of ‘White Dove Ticket’.

Players need to wager on numbers, between the range of 1 to 80(can change depending on the casino). After all wagers are placed and confirmed, an RNG (Random Number Generator) will draw out 20 numbers.

 The winner is chosen based on the number of matched numbers. The player with the highest score will awarded. Keno has a separate payout series, also known as ‘paytable’.

However, paytables are not the same for all casinos and may vary; some may have larger house edges, while others might range less than 4%. It is very important to check the payables of a casino before placing a wager, even a slight difference can make a huge impact on your earnings.


Baccarat is a live casino game that is beginner-friendly, highly engaging, and competitive and has a low house edge. The game focuses on two positions, that is called the Player hand and the Banker hand. The house edge is as low as 1.06% and offers players the advantage of winning frequently.


In conclusion, these games are a good start for beginners who looking for easy and low-house edge games. Once you’re comfortable playing these games, try becoming a pro in the game that suits your preference. Most millionaire gamblers specialize in one or two games since they have adapted to them and channel the most money out of them.

Another important point to remember is choosing a good casino that offers maximum benefits with minimum risks. Winbaji is right now the most recommended casino site, as it has several games, brilliant bonuses, beneficial paytables, strong security, and good customer support. The WinBaji Online Casino is available, both as a website and an APK app. To learn more click on and register now!

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