Top 5 Films About Casinos

There will always be something to learn from a good movie. There are some good pieces of art that come from the movie industry that can really show you what is the good part of gambling, but also the bad one. In this article we are going to give you the best 5 examples of what a good casino/gambling movie is, and what you can learn from them. Let’s begin!

Casino – Films about casinos

Casino tells the story of two dangerous men who are trying to dominate the gambling industry. The action of the film is focused on some very important aspects and emblematic elements of this world of the mafia and the casino industry. You will see many representations of greed, deception, power games and the constant struggle for money. Moreover, you will see how two friends end up resorting to the act of violence and crime to take control of as many businesses and sources of illegal income in this industry.

In the film produced by Scorsese, you will see not only a beautiful Las Vegas casino, but also the dark side, led by the mafia, and what happens when illegal actions get out of hand. The film screens very well how much the mafia was involved in the casino industry in the 1970s and 1980s. The main characters are part of different worlds; one is in charge of a famous casino, and the other is perfectly represented by the mafia phenomenon. Surely you will have a lot to see in this movie.

The Croupier

If you are looking for some drama films about casino, Croupier is the kind of movie that introduces you directly to the life of a character whose existence focuses only on the actions that take place in the casino. The character Jack Manfred is a writer with big plans for the future who, on the recommendation of his father, becomes one of the croupiers of a casino, this being a job that will completely change his life. Right off the bat, the novice croupier starts making very bad decisions, starting to go to bars with one of his colleagues. This is a dealer who was known to be actively cheating in the casino.

The action becomes more and more dramatic when the main actor begins to gradually lose all the elements of his life before he becomes a croupier. He sleeps with one of his colleagues, even though this was forbidden by the casino regulations. He loses his girlfriend because she discovers a hidden project that the croupier was working on. It was a book that explained in detail the pleasure of the dealer in seeing how the casino’s customers lose money. From there, everything falls apart and we witness a total drama.

Casino Royale is a film directed by Martin Campbell

A movie where you see names like Daniel Craig or Eva Green can not be bad. In 2006, Casino Royale was the movie in which James Bond was promoted to a licensed killer, and he received his 00 status, becoming the legendary 007 agent. In this film, the agent has to accomplish his first mission as a 00 agent. The main objective of the mission is to prevent a terrorist from winning a poker game. If Le Chiffre, the negative character, wins, he will keep his title of terrorist banker and stay safe.

Agent 007 along with Vesper, an excellent character played by Eva Green, are sent to this event to prevent Le Chiffre from winning this poker game. What makes the action more and more incendiary is the tension to which the two characters are subjected, but also the question that arises when the agents are put in the position of winners. What will happen if Bond wins? And at the same time, what will happen if he doesn’t win? The film is excellent and worth watching by any gambling enthusiast.

Molly’s Game

The film we are about to talk about left us speechless every time we watched it and it would be a waste not to share with you the experience with which this masterpiece leaves you. Molly’s Game is one of the few movies in which the main character who has control over a gambling action is a woman. Molly is a former performance athlete with Olympic results who came to control the most important illegal poker games.

These actions, which Molly controlled, managed to remain anonymous for more than 10 years. However, the action will end when Molly is arrested by the FBI. At these illegal poker games hosted by Molly, participants used very high stakes, and among the customers were representatives of royalty, famous athletes, celebrities, but also dangerous people from the mafia.

Films about casinos: 21

If you are involved enough in the casino industry, you probably already know that the action of this movie revolves around the game of Blackjack. The harsh reality strikes Ben Campbell, a young student, when he realizes that in order to fulfill his dream of becoming a doctor, he needs over $300,000 to be able to pay for college. However, the young student manages to be initiated by his math teacher in a secret club where there are 5 other students.

This club is a training core for all 5 to learn how to count Blackjack cards. Out of a desire to raise money for college, Ben ends up becoming proud and wanting more. He manages to make hundreds of thousands of dollars together with his team and with the help of their abilities, but also the secret signs at the game table. The film deserves special attention.


These are the top 5 films about casinos you should watch if you want to take part in the most interesting actions in the gambling industry. Some of them are inspired by real life, while some develop a much better understanding of the mafia phenomenon in this industry. Enjoy!

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