Top three visiting locations in Dubai.

There is no need to introduce this amazing site, as it is popular because of its places all around the world. Among these three beautiful and famous spots, dhow cruises in Dubai which are of two types that can either be Marina dhow cruise and dhow cruise Creek. The third famous spot is desert Safari. These places are famous because of eye-catching scenes. The desert Safari tour reminds you the old times trading habits, life before these modern innovations and truly amazing place for the historical lovers.

Dhow Cruise’s in Dubai region

In Dubai there are two kinds of Dhow Cruise they are going highly famous in Dubai. These are found as most visited place in Dubai from a long period. If you are going to plan a visit to this mesmerizing city, then you must visit these sites. Dhow cruise gives you an excellent experience in Dubai region. It’s upper and lower part for handling the visitors. It has;

  1. Marina dhow cruise.

And 2nd is.

  1. Dhow cruise Creek.

Modifications in dhow cruise.

Dhow cruise is the idea was taken from the use of boats in Dubai. In old, historical time period, boats used for the trading purposes then with passage of time the changes in the boats introduced due to development in the field of technology. Then people started to organize a cafeteria type setting within it. From this idea, it becomes one of the main points of attraction for people. Business companies then started to invest in the dhow cruise projects. Now this dhow cruise is developed in a form of well-structured restaurants. These restaurants provides continuous outside beautiful views.

Dhow cruise Marina

It gives you an amazing sight view of most amazing new Dubai. On the way, it shows the most popular buildings. If you want to have a look at modern amendments in Dubai then this dhow cruise is perfect for you. Our package of Marina dhow cruise is highly demanding today. You can also pick one for you and lock this amazing trip.

Qualities of dhow cruise Marina

A dhow cruise Marina carries following features in its package.

  • We offer you the services of a pick & drop.
  • When you enter the dhow Cruise, our soft welcome drinks presented to you.
  • Refreshments throughout the time.
  • Two decks showing amazing view.
  • Buffet dinner.
  • The dancing shows.

Dhow cruise Creek

If you want to see the old version of Dubai City then you go for booking dhow cruise Creek. Here, it includes the old type of slight views through the windows of this dhow cruise. It is a perfect visiting spot for the lovers of history and antiques.

Qualities of dhow cruise Creek

So like Marina, this type of dhow cruise is soul healing for its visitors. It has old visiting places of Dubai region. The main features you enjoy there are following;

  • Pick & drop.
  • Soft drinks for Welcome.
  • Live cultural dance show.
  • Dinner buffet.
  • BBQ party.

  Desert Safari.

After these dhow cruise trend, Desert Safari Dubai is also famous for a visit. This provides an amazing live view of sun set at evening and sun rising seen in early morning. Nature is the best solution to upgrade your mental health. Land Cruise of 4 × 4 provides you an amazing experience there. Dune bashing is also available there. Many show also going on their side by side. The sand on the land of Dubai gives you a separate level of a thrill there. Desert Safari is most visited point in the Dubai City that is recorded in 2018. So, now in 2021 there was no decline is seeing in its demand.

Why you should visit desert Safari?

Among various touring sites in Dubai the point is why you should visit desert Safari? The answer is that it gives you a thrilling and daring experience that is off course missed in eating food at restaurants and in shopping malls visiting. These sites are now rare to found in the modern time world. So the desert safari is attractive among the people belong from all age groups. As young minds want a place that has ability to make them laugh and where they can experience something new. So the desert Safari Dubai is the right choice to experience these all thrilling activities.

Features of desert Safari

A Desert Safari Dubai is itself a master piece. In our packages you are defiantly going to enjoy through our following features that are;

  • You can book our morning desert package.
  • You can also book a desert Safari tour in evening time with us.
  • We usually give our services of the pick & drop.
  • Soft cold drinks you can also drink juices when you want.
  • Continuous supply of water.
  • Henna paintings, different styles of tattoos made by tattoo experts. You can also get one of the tattoos for you.
  • Dune bashing.
  • Music to mesmerize you available in various languages.
  • An amazing ride on camel under guides supervision.
  • Puppet show that will be going live on the Safari desert.
  • Live performances like tanoura, belly dance.
  • Dinner (has many dishes and desserts).
  • Sight views.

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