Touring Malaga on a Bicycle

If you enjoy cycling, buying a villa in Malaga for sale will be a treat for you because there are many exciting cities and villages where you may travel, eat, and explore if you prefer riding. The stunning mountains on one side and the shimmering Mediterranean Sea on the other are drawing cyclists from all over the globe to this charming town. 

Cycling in Malaga is safe as it is one of the most bike-friendly cities in Spain, with miles of cycling pathways (painted bright red) around the city and plenty of bike parking zones. Also, the best way to get around town is by bicycle because, despite being the sixth-largest city in Spain, it is surprisingly small, with the old quarter taking up only a tiny portion of the town.

Cycling enthusiasts who want to combine peaceful inland cycling while riding along the coast to Nerja in the Spanish sun can buy a villa in Malaga for sale. There are great cycling tour businesses that offer exceptional inland cycling as well as an exhilarating ride to the sea for any rider.

Locals specialize in cycling tours that will take you to both well-known and lesser-known locations throughout the city, so don’t pass on doing a bike tour because you can see more of the city in less time. 

While on some cycling tours, you will cycle through Picasso’s birthplace and learn about his life. Bike along the Alcazaba, which was built in the 11th century on a hill inside the city to protect it from pirates. Also, learn about the city’s interesting history and culture as you ride through the Botanical Gardens and past the Roman Theater. 

Besides riding around Malaga to see its sights, you can incorporate cycling into your daily routine by cycling to the shop, park, school, or place of employment. This low-impact exercise helps protect people of all ages from serious medical illnesses like arthritis, diabetes, depression, heart disease, stroke, and some types of cancer.

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