Traveling With Kids: 5 American Road Trips You Will Like

There’s nothing better than spending a vacation with children. A family car trip around the United States will be a great idea to spend time with your dearest people. 

When planning an American road trip with kids, you should do more than pack your suitcase, buy flight tickets, book a room and rent a car. In order not to waste time, you should first decide what is best to see and where to go. 

After you made a travel list and took into consideration the wishes of your children, the next important step is to plan a convenient and interesting route. As an example, consider the following car trip ideas that are very popular with travelers:

U.S. amusement and water parks 

If you are traveling to Florida, make sure that you try places in brunch Orlando, this guide by Family Destinations will help you.

Getting around in a rental car will allow you to fully implement the developed route, without haste and fuss. We recommend enjoying the parks located within a single state. In this case, it’s not necessary to spend time on long journeys across the USA and frequently change lodging. 

For instance, have a road trip around the famous theme parks in Florida. The following places are great for a 4-5-day trip: 

Alaska’s Nature Parks

Being the most secret American state, Alaska is famous for its virgin nature. Exploring it in a rental car will give you and your kids an unforgettable experience. It’s better to plan a journey during the summer season. What’s more, try to book lodging near the parks or right within their territory. 

You can include all parks starting with Denali National Park in the long route through Alaska. Visit Talkeetna Camper Park as well, and admire the lakes at Lake Lucile Park on the planned route. 

If you don’t want to include long journeys in the route, you can limit yourself to traveling around the Kenai Peninsula. Start your trip in the picturesque Chugach State Park, adding Kenai Fjords National Park, Kachemak Bay State Park, and other nearby recreational facilities for variety. 

New York – to – Los Angeles car trip

If you search for the shortest New York-to-Los Angeles trip in Google Maps, the program will create a 42-hour route along the highway. However, there’s no need for you to rush, and you can pass 14 states in a 2-week journey. Once you have reached LA and want to explore the city with your kids, leaving heavy bags at a safe location is a good idea. Vertoe offers safe and short-term luggage storage options in LA. Check luggage storage Los Angeles to know more. 

You can explore many interesting cities and stay at the national parks along the route. For your convenience, pick up a spacious vehicle. 12 seater car rental will perfectly suit your needs, providing comfort for every passenger and ample space for personal belongings.

Journey to hot California or romantic Florida 

If you want to combine your car trip with a beach vacation, choose the coastal states, focusing on California or Florida. Children will be happy to visit the amusement parks. In this case, add Orlando to your travel list. The second option for conquering Florida is getting around the numerous national parks.

Similar routes are available in California as well. Rent a car in Los Angeles or San Diego to enjoy it. Here you can also relax on the sandy coastline or go whale watching san diego while children will be entertained in a variety of local theme parks. California offers trips to wonderful national parks located by the water, on islands, or on the mainland. For more variety, combine the routes, alternating between visiting parks, natural recreation areas, and beaches.

Both states are large, full of attractions and just interesting destinations. The pace of the trip depends on the age of the children, the time of year, and the preferences of adults.

Exploring the coast of North Carolina 

Crowds of tourists are eager to see the city of the Big Apple, spend a fortune in Las Vegas, or wander the streets of Los Angeles, but you can go to less crowded places. For example, plan a route through the islands and bays of North Carolina – a totally non-tourist destination. 

Before traveling, especially with children, you need to book a rental car with high ground clearance and four-wheel drive. There won’t be a good road everywhere, and sometimes you will drive on country roads. The route will pass through the bays and bridges connecting the islands. The starting point is usually Virginia Beach. Drive along a 200-mile lane that creates cozy lagoons suitable for families with children. If you want to know driving license you can visit this site International Driving License United States

While touring the North Carolina shoals, kids can enjoy the seawater, while divers will be delighted to explore the depths of the sea. Part of the road runs through Back Bay National Park, Currituck National Park, and Pea Island National Park. Add them to your itinerary to make it even more exciting.

New York to Los Angeles

Once you have reached LA and want to explore the city with your kids, leaving heavy bags at a safe location is a good idea. Vertoe offers safe and short-term luggage storage options in LA.

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