Uno Rules – Here’s How To Play Uno

How to play Uno from here on out you will definitely like it. The first player to take down is required to give a card that matches either the number of the bottom or its color. For example, if is a yellow 9, the player whose row is must give any yellow card or a 9 of any suits. If he does not benefit from either of these two variants, he still has a chance to play a black card with which he can change the color. If the next player has nothing to give, that is, no variant that matches what is down, he is obliged to draw a card from the deck of turned cards that we discussed at the beginning and, if he falls short of what he needs, he can put that card down without waiting for another turn until his turn comes.

Obviously, provided that the next player has not already put a card down. If he has already put a card down, unfortunately, he is forced to wait for a turn until his turn comes. As with the game of Macau, the moment you are left with a card in your hand, you are forced to say loudly and bluntly “UNO! «right away. If you forget to do this, as punishment, you will have to draw not one, but two cards from below as punishment. In case you get caught by the other players, of course. Read More: yugioh trading card game

In addition to those mentioned above, there would be something to add, namely, the fact that if the first card turned from below is a special one and not a normal one, the starting rules will be a little different depending on what exactly spades, as follows:

  • “take two cards” – at the moment when this card makes its appearance on the playing table, the one who gives it the game basically forces the next to draw two cards from below. If he also has a card like this, he can flip over the bottom one and force the next one to take four cards and so on;
  • “stand a turn” – it is obvious from a post that the next player is obliged to stand a turn;
  • “black card” – is a special card that can be played over any card by the one who owns it and gives him the right to choose the color that continues the game, including, if he wants, the one that is already down at that time;
  • “change direction” – is the card that changes, on the pro-turn, the direction of the game (if it normally starts in clockwise order, when this card is played, the direction of the game will be reversed, that is, it will be played from right to left);
  • “Black Card +4” – is the best card in the game and, at the same time, the most parch, because it gives you not only the opportunity to change the color, but also the opportunity to punish the next player who has to shoot from the bottom pile no less than 4 playing cards. Unfortunately, however, the Black +4 card can only be taken down when you no longer have any other card in your hand that matches the color or bottom number.

Regulation Uno-declared the winner of the entire game will be the player who reaches the first 500 points collected!

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