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Use Social Objects in Business

Social objects exist as the connectors between participants. Remember, without a social object, there is no reason for a conversation to exist. Without a social network the conversation that might otherwise exist is hampered, but the (smaller) conversation still occurs. The two work together through a social application like Twitter or a support forum to facilitate participation and engagement.

Whether you’ve built around a lifestyle, passion, or cause, or you have more tightly defined your presence around a brand, product, or service; the payoff comes when you tie your business into it by being relevant rather than being loud. Recall that the Social Web is built around open and transparent participation. Leveraging a social object is best done by operating from the perspective of a genuine participant rather than assuming center stage as a contrived actor.

Drive Conversations and Connections

The most basic role of the social object is driving conversation. In the business applications discussed previously, the social object brings participants together based on a common interest around which a conversation occurs. It also provides a relevant context for a brand, product, or service. Pepsi’s The Juice program built around its low calorie, all-natural Trop50 orange juice provides an example of the central role of the conversation in a social setting, and the role of the social object—women’s health and well-being—while clearly tying the customer and product together.

This clear connection is important: Recall that a basic fact of social media is that in comparison with traditional media, it is harder to interrupt. This differentiator plays out in two ways: First, because it is harder to interrupt the activities of participants directly—like the way you can interrupt a TV program with an ad or an online page view with a pop-up—your activities with regard to your business objectives have to have an obvious relevance. Otherwise, you’ll be ignored (best case) or asked to leave (worst case). The Social Web isn’t a marketing venue, though it is a very powerful marketing platform. You can place bet on เว็บ เครดิตฟรี ยืนยันเบอร์ล่าสุด2021

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