Varieties of betting in soccer everyone should know

Soccer betting, an overview

You would have watched several soccer matches and would be familiar with the term betting. The combination of these two is soccer betting. You would be dealing with a betting agent and placing bets on the happenings of the football game. If your guess is right, you can double or triple your money and vice versa. You can engage in soccer betting through several websites. SBOBET online is such an opportunity to involve in soccer betting from your home. There are several varieties of football betting. In this article, let us discuss some types of bets in soccer in brief.

Varieties in soccer betting

Match bet – As the name suggests, you will be placing your bets on the conclusion of a match as a whole instead of a particular player’s performance or goal counts. You can choose anything from a win, a loss, or a draw. If the score at the end of the ninety minutes is declaring any of these you choose, you will win. In a match bet, the extra time will not come into consideration. The result of betting is only based on ninety minutes alone. So, if the game goes for extra time after the two teams scoring the same number of goals during the full time, you will win if your bet is on a draw, no matter who wins the game after the extra time.

Asian Handicap – So, the game is originated and popular in Asia. In this game, you will be playing as a handicap with a positive or negative number, say, +1 or -2. For instance, if you are betting on a team with +1, it is okay for that team to lose, but it should lose by one goal. Although the team has lost, your +1 will add up to the total and make you draw with your opponent. Likewise, if you have a negative handicap bet, then your team should win with that much of a difference or more. Every player can get back his bet amount if the game ends in a draw.

European Handicap – In European Handicap, you will not get your money back if you end up with a draw. The bettor will either have an advantage (+1) or a disadvantage (-1), and his team should win accordingly so that the result summed up with this additional point still leads the opponent. If you are having an advantage of one (+1), your team should at least draw the game. Then you can add this one and win the bet. But if you have a disadvantage, even a draw will make you a loser. Your team should win at least with a difference of 2 goals.

Half time or Full time – This type of betting allows you to bet for either the first half of the match or for the whole match. You can choose to predict and bet on the results of the first half or at the end of the match.

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