Was Hit By A Drunk Driver? Know What To Do Ahead

The rise of driving while being intoxicated puts everyone on the road at risk, including the motorist sitting behind the steering wheel. The damage caused by such rash driving at times could prove to be fatal. Nonetheless, after getting hit by a drunk motorist, the tragedy can cause trauma physically, mentally, and emotionally.

A situation like this could use the help of an auto accident lawyer in Fort Wayne to achieve speedy justice. Here is how you should approach such a situation after the incident:

Call for medical help:

Medical attention should be the first thing on your speed dial. Sometimes, the circumstance could be a fine line between life and death. Hence getting the necessary medical attention is vital. Follow up with legal aspects on getting medically released.

Raise the alarm to legal authorities:

At the time of the crash, calling the hotline for emergencies can avail medical aid and ensure the dispatch of official authorities to the active crime scene. This helps establish the time-sensitive picture of the crime taking place. All the details taken in the police report can be used for any lawsuit and insurance claim.

Details of the incident:

Try gathering as much information about the drunk motorist as possible—all details, including minute ones, help. Preliminary information about the car, the number plate, vehicle features, brand, etc., can help arrest the culprit. Other details like suspicious driving behavior noticed by other bystanders and passing pedestrians are also helpful for your case. Any pictures or video footage of the incident should also be taken in as solid evidence. Remember, the more the proof, the stronger the case is in your favor.

Avoid confrontation:

Stay on the call with the hotline speed dial until the official authorities arrive. At all costs, avoid confronting the drunk driver directly. Emotions may run high as the motorist is not controlling their senses, and the situation may worsen. Maintain your calm and assess the situation to give your testimony to the cops. If you are not severely injured, notice the driver’s overall behavior to suspect the presence of alcohol in their system. Notice signs like slurred speech, inability to walk straight, etc., and alert the cops about the same.

Consult an attorney:

Attorneys with considerable experience dealing with injuries sustained from DUIs regularly can help ensure the delivery of judiciary remedies depending on the case and details at hand. An accident attorney can handle everything from investigating the crime scene to taking care of settlement claims with the insurance company—legal representation in the event of a trial is also taken care of.

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