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What are Instagram bots: auto-follower bots, chatbots, bot followers handbook.

There are several concepts with completely different meanings of functions and tasks — and we designate all of them with the word “bot”. In this article, we will help you to understand what Instagram Follower Booster Bot are, what functions they perform, and how they can help you in promoting your account, increasing the number of followers, engaging them, and much more.

What are Instagram bots, and which are the main types of bots?

“Bot” (short for “robot”) is a program that performs automatic pre-configured repetitive tasks. Bots usually mimic user behavior or replace it. For example, Instagram bots automate various tasks perfectly because they work much faster than users. They perform useful functions, such as getting followers from your rivals’ accounts or liking posts of your target audience. 

It is a program that is designed to perform the same type and repeatable tasks according to a certain algorithm. It saves people time by taking on routine functions and works through interfaces at a speed that is much higher than humans.

There are three main types of bots, that are automating Instagram in 2022:

Let’s get into each of these bots types.

  • Auto-follower bots for Instagram or Instagram bot promotion

The Instagram promotion bot is a convenient online service that promotes the automatic promotion of personal pages, commercial accounts, and business profiles.

Bots are designed to save you from routine actions and save time. They help to quickly develop high-quality content, parse the audience, analyze statistics and follow.

A perfect example is an Inflact Bot. The service is perfect for safe Instagram promotion. IT  allows you not only to get followers, but also to get a relevant and interested audience by attracting attention.

The undeniable advantage of the Inflact bot is that you can configure the source of promotion yourself:

  • By geolocation — for example, to like only those users who visit certain coffee shops or beauty salons;
  • By hashtags – search for a potential target audience by the #;
  • By user — you only need to specify the competitor’s login, and the service will automatically start getting his followers;
There is another type of bots that act like a human, which like other bots, follow your desired contacts, like their posts and leave comments for them to draw their attention to your page. You may have encountered negative comments about Instagram bots, Instagram has also announced that it is against bots, but using bots that act like a human, you will not face any problems. These bots act like a human on your screen, which is the biggest difference between human-like bots and other bots. One of the best human-like bots to increase Instagram followers is the vUser Instagram Follower Booster Bot. I suggest that you visit the v-User website to get more information about it.


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