What are the advantages of bubble wrap in packaging?

Packaging plastic is a classic when it comes to securing and protecting merchandise against possible impacts and vibrations that can cause damage to goods.

Specifically, bubble wrap is widely used both industrially and in small businesses for the protection and packaging of merchandise, as it guarantees security and protection in all shipments while avoiding the bumps and slides so common to when transporting and handling the merchandise.

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What categories of packaging are there?

Packaging can have different categories depending on the degree of contact with the merchandise. Thus, there are packaging.

Primary: direct contact with the merchandise

Secondary: Transportation of products that have the primary packaging

Tertiary: transport packaging of secondary types

The material can be made of wood, glass, cardboard or plastic, foam, metal or paper among others.

There are a series of containers such as containers for large volumes of cargo, platforms such as pallets or large bags and sacks. In this way, bubble wrap normally corresponds to the primary packaging, since it is usually in direct contact with the merchandise and has a cushioning capacity.

Did you know…? Bubble wrap was invented by Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes and its original conception was not for packaging. It was originally conceived for decorating the walls of homes.

Advantages of bubble wrap

Bubble wrap has become a popular and widespread option for affordably protecting merchandise. In addition, if necessary, it can be reused. Some of its advantages are:


Bubble wrap has resistant properties against high and low temperatures. Depending on the conditions of the product and the weather during transport, it will be necessary to use this insulator so that the product is in perfect condition at the time of receipt by the customer. In addition to the current one as a thermal insulator against inclement weather, it also serves as an insulator against pests and other unwanted insects, in the case, for example, of transporting perishable or sensitive products.


Its polymeric and isolate condition guarantees the impermeability and insulation of the product against liquids, vapors or viscous elements.


It can be adapted without problems and without breakage to the shape of the product to be packed.

Protection and transparency

In addition to protecting the product, it allows you to see inside.


Its low initial investment, coupled with the ability to reuse, make this product the perfect solution for packaging.

In short, bubble wrap offers a series of advantages that make this product an optimal material for packaging all kinds of products.

Presentation of bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is typically sold in rolls or reels for heavy duty applications, so it takes up a lot of space. The most common widths are of the following sizes:




As for the meters that a coil or roll of bubble wrap usually contains, it is usually about 175 meters. Although, as always, if you need other measurements you can consult with your bubble wrap wholesale supplier, and they can make the measurement of the rolls to measure.

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