What are the business trends going up in 2022

E-commerce marketplaces

E-commerce marketplaces have been growing for a few years and, although we announced the strong arrival of m-commerce, this will continue in 2022. Industry leaders, such as Alibaba and Amazon, represent more than half of all online sales. Online marketplaces will continue to attract consumers with their competitive offers and prices.

Marketplaces will remain the first choice of e-shoppers for the year 2022. For e-merchants, these are excellent showcases since many marketplaces generate millions of visits. However, it can be difficult to stand out from the competition, hence the importance of working on your product descriptions and your brand image. Take a look at the new 2022 trends, such as m-commerce, but don’t neglect the very efficient marketplaces. Promoting products while streaming is a big thing right now. It’s a smart strategy to promote e-com brands with the help of the streaming platforms. YouTube, Facebook and Twitch are big right now when it comes to streaming. Let’s say you have a good e-com brand. Go and search for the influencer who is very authentic and would love to work with your brand. Twitch viewers buy option is important when it comes to helping the influencer to get a bigger audience during stream.

Consume responsible / local

It’s sometimes a bit contradictory, but consumers, although increasingly favoring online commerce, are also increasingly aware of the importance of consuming responsibly.

As we have already mentioned, this involves green delivery, but not only. There are many ways to consume responsibly. A major e-commerce trend of the past year, recommerce continues to grow. As a reminder, this is the sale of second-hand products, a practice that avoids waste.

Consuming responsibly also means consuming locally. Difficult to associate this idea with e-commerce? Yet yes. More and more consumers attach importance to local consumption, even to ordering only products that come from their region.

The local or regional label is definitely an e-commerce trend that will continue to increase in 2022 and allow e-merchants offering it to stand out from the competition.

Varied and adapted delivery methods

Varied and attractive delivery methods are a sure way to attract new customers and keep yours in 2022. Meet all your customers’ expectations by offering a same-day or next-day delivery solution. 

Give your customers a choice, from the green delivery that we have already mentioned, to fast delivery, via click & collect.

Home delivery has always been the most popular delivery option worldwide. But, in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, delivery flexibility has become more important than price, with many customers willing to pay more for flexible, hassle-free delivery. In addition, the latest e-commerce trends reveal that customers prefer sellers that allow them to choose their preferred carrier. 

Investing in a multi-carrier strategy allows many e-commerce players to ensure simple and efficient delivery during the holiday season, which is expected to be the most steeped in history that consumers will once again favor buying gifts online. Having such a process in place can also convince customers to order and prevent cart abandonment.

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