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What Are the Main Components of Digital Marketing?

The term digital marketing covers an expanse of strategies, which the digital marketing agency employs depending on the needs of their clients. Some businesses require a totally different marketing approach to others and after an initial online audit, the agency understands where you are at present, in terms of a digital profile.

If you contacted a leading digital marketing agency, they would offer the following services to their clients.

  • Content marketing – Of course, your web content should be created by professionals, whether text, images or video and when you forge an alliance with a good digital marketing agency, they view your business as unique. Your website, for example, should be professionally put together and with social media marketers handling all your accounts, it won’t take long to see the results.
  • Search engine optimisation – SEO is critical for all businesses, large or small and as millions of consumers use Google to source products and services, your website needs to be optimised for specific search terms. This leads to a jump in the rankings and the closer you are to the top, the more traffic Google will generate. This is a complex field and Google is very secretive about the algorithms they use to rank websites; however, a good SEO technician knows enough to boost your website over a period of time.
  • Social media marketing – SMM comes in many forms, Facebook Lead Ads is a way to generate leads over a period of time and for many businesses, this is an integral part of their marketing plan. Talk to a digital marketing agency about social media marketing and they would be happy to prepare a proposal for you to consider, showing how they can help to generate traffic and maintain a strong online social media following.
  • Pay per click advertising – Posting rich ad content on platforms such as YouTube and Facebook can be very effective and with a professional team of social media marketers, your content will be seen by all the right people. The key to success is to place your ads on the right platforms at the right times, which leads to a lot of web traffic and with an ongoing budget, your business will reap the rewards of having a strong online profile. We are living in a digital world and marketing has gone binary for most businesses.
  • Email marketing – While some people think email marketing is old hat, this digital marketing strategy still delivers results that will make you happy. People do not dismiss emails as easily as they do SMS text messages and with the right content, email marketing can be very effective, especially when you create seasonal special offers for existing customers.

If you would like to learn more about how a digital marketing agency can boost your business, search for a Bangkok based agency with an impressive client list and they would be happy to assess your online profile and create an aggressive marketing plan to boost your online presence.

There are advertising regulations when you use online marketing and you must stay within these guidelines in order to avoid breaching advertising rules.

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