What is Disc Replacement?

The replacement of a lumbar disc is a sort of back or spine surgery. The bones in the spine are called vertebrae, and they are piled on top of each other. The discs between the vertebrae operate as cushions, allowing the vertebrae to move and rotate freely without clashing. At the bottom of the spine are the lumbar vertebrae and discs. Replacement of a damaged or degenerative disc in the lower region of the spine with an artificial disc made of metal or a mixture of metal and plastic is known as lumbar disc replacement. Lumbar disc replacement is frequently recommended as an alternative to spinal fusion surgery. Fusion is a surgical procedure that permanently unites two vertebrae together. Lumbar disc replacement is a complex procedure that necessitates general anesthesia as well as a stay in the hospital.

The procedure of disc replacement surgery:-

An IV line will be inserted into a vein in the patient’s hand or arm, via which anesthesia will be administered. The medication will induce deep sleep and prevent the patient from feeling discomfort during the procedure. For this procedure, the patient will be laying on his or her back. A team of surgeons (typically a vascular surgeon and an orthopedic or neurosurgeon) will execute the procedure together. The surgeon will make an incision or a cut in the abdomen. Organs and blood vessels in the patients’ bodies will be relocated to the side to provide access to the spine.

The damaged disc will be removed and replaced with a new artificial disc by the surgeon. The organs and blood vessels are replaced, and the wound is stitched up.

Recovery from disc replacement surgery:-

After a complete review by the physical therapists, the patient may be discharged after two to four days. Before being discharged from the hospital, patients are taught how to get in and out of bed properly. To minimize straining the surgery site, avoid bending or twisting for the first two to four weeks. If the situation necessitates lower back support, braces may be recommended.

Although a disc replacement reduces discomfort, it does not eradicate it. Consult your doctor to receive a realistic picture of what to expect following the procedure. Also, discuss with the healthcare provider what directions should be followed following surgery, as well as what the patient can and cannot do, how to care for the incision, indicators of problems to look out for, and when the patient should see the doctor again.

According to studies, people who successfully undergo total disc replacement surgery are symptom-free and pain-free for an average of 8.7 years. Total disc replacement takes much less time to recover than spinal fusion surgery. The mobility is unaffected, and the prognosis is favorable. The disc replacement operation has a success rate of approximately 98 percent.

The best destination for disc replacement surgery:-

Singapore is one of the most popular destinations for disc replacement. It covers a wide range of accredited hospitals, low treatment costs, and some of the greatest medical professionals. The hospitals in Singapore are all notified and then granted accreditation by Joint Commission International, the world’s most prestigious accreditation organization. The JCI or Joint Commission International evaluates the quality of healthcare and patient safety. The disc replacement surgery cost in Singapore is much more affordable than in other countries.

  1. Parkway East Hospital
  2. Farrer Park Hospital
  3. Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital
  4. Gleneagles Hospital
  5. Mount Elizabeth Hospital

Here is the list of top medical specialist for disc replacement surgery in Singapore:-

  1. Dr. Nathan Suresh Saminathan
  2. Dr. Bryan Tan Hsi Ming
  3. Dr. Bell David Paul
  4. Dr. Yue Wai Mun
  5. Dr. Li Yung Hua
  6. Dr. Lim Mui Hong


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