What Is Inspection Vidéo Canalisation? Read The Article To Find Out!

The article focuses on all aspects of Inspection Vidéo Canalisation and also discusses a few frequently asked questions that are related to it.

What is Inspection Vidéo Canalisation?

Pipeline video inspection is a form of inspection which is used to inspect the interiors of pipes and other plumbing systems. This method is also used for checking the inside architecture of storm drains.

The most common application of this method is when the plumber checks the condition of the sewer lines. Another application is when the plumber has to check the domestic connection drain pipe.

There are three reports that are given in this inspection and they are through a video, a picture or through just paper work. An experienced plumber should be preferred for performing this method.

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What are the services provided by the inspection company?

  • Unclogging of domestic/commercial pipelines

This service is important for getting a good water supply. The plumber commonly uses a flat sewer for unclogging the pipe. The plumber may also use the pipeline video inspection method for understanding to what extent the pipeline is clogged.  An auger is also used by the plumber. This auger is also known as drain snake because it is able to go deep inside the pipe for better unclogging. The Auger is made of a metal coil which is long, flexible and is similar to corkscrew.

  • Connection of sewers

Sewers are similar to pipes. These pipes are used for transportation of sewage-to-sewage treatment facilities. The manholes which are made of concrete are used for connection of sewers. Any inspection company provides this service. These manholes are vertical pipes that connect the sewer to the surface.

  • Maintenance of pipes

This is the most basic facility which is provided by an inspection, repairing and maintenance company. The workers of the company will once in while do a maintenance check on the pipelines to ensure the easy wear and tear. Along with that, the company also repairs damaged pipelines.

  • Disposal of sludge

This service is important for management of waste water. Sludge is also called as biosolids. Biosolids are the residues which are accumulated in the sewage water plant. The company will first treat the sludge and classify it. After classification the different types of sludges will be disposed in a way that is suitable for them. This process is important for effective working of pipelines. The sludge is sometimes useful as it is used as a substitute for plants. The sludge to some extent has organic material, nitrogen and sulphur which can be used for farming.

  • All sanitation activities

For many of these services, the pipeline video inspection is used. All sanitation activities are done only for waste water management. Even though the water is declared as waste some of it can be used as a replacement in many fields. The waste water if gets accumulated above the threshold then can be a reason by diseases like diarrhea, typhoid, cholera. The sanitation service is important both for the environment and human beings.

What are the instruments that are used for pipeline video inspection?

  • Service truck

A service truck is one of the most common instruments used for pipeline video inspection. This service truck has a power supply which is in the form of a small generator. Along with that, it also has a small air-conditioned compartment. This compartment has a video monitor which monitors everything inside the pipeline. Along with that, there is also a recording equipment which records everything.  After the whole process, the plumber will receive a copy of the recording. The service truck uses a camera. This camera is also called as sewer or sewage camera. Along with that, snake cameras are also used. There is a special inspection camera which is used for the inspection of the pipelines.

  • Cables

Cables and winches are used for the inspection. They are situated at the back of the truck and are powered by reels. These video cables are made with steel wire or Kevlar. Most of the times Kevlar are used as they are durable and resistant to water. The steel wire braid of the cables is not very easy to work with. Along with cables, there are winches which are also situated inside the truck. These winches are of different types and are used for setting a perfect angle of the inspection rod inside the pipeline. Retrieving and lowering of equipment can be done easily with the help of the winches.

What are the ways of reaching out to the inspection company?

  • Offline

For reaching out to the inspection company, the user can directly go to the office for availing all the services that the company offers. The user has to find a sanitation company which provides pipeline video inspection near by and book an appointment for the same. Once the user books an appointment he has to deposit an amount.

  • Online

Now a days, almost all sanitation companies have set-up their own website. The website will contain all the basic information about the company and also display the functions and the services the website provides. The user can directly book an appointment while sitting at home. All he has to do is register himself and then make a payment to book the appointment date for the inspection. The online method is the most common and convenient way of booking an appointment especially in the days of the pandemic.

Why is pipeline video inspection important?

  • Waste water management

Inspection is important for managing the waste water. The accumulation of waste water is hazardous to humans as it is the source of various diseases. The inspection gives the plumber a report of how much sludge has been accumulated. The inspection also gives a full analysis of how much useful is the sludge.

  • Flow conditions

The inspection allows the plumber to understand the flow conditions of the pipeline. The pipeline video inspection will also give the operator the condition of the walls and liners. This inspection also locates the lost line valves. The inspection allows the operator to know the valve conditions. The inspection also inspects the internal corrosion of the pipes and the leak areas which need assistance.

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