What is the best proxy server to buy for business and personal needs?

Now there are many proxy servers and in order to choose the appropriate option on the website, you should study the main types, their features, since the servers are divided into several types according to criteria such as the type of protocol, anonymity, etc.

Proxy server by protocol type

Proxies can support these types of protocols:

  • HTTP. Through such proxies, you can get access to a variety of web portals and information. But the protection will be weaker than that of the HTTPS protocol.
  • HTTPS. This type of proxy has an additional layer of protection. Therefore, it can be used when conducting transactions.
  •  SOCKS5 proxies Such a proxy has the highest protection level. The only downside is that not all bots support this protocol.

Classification by level of anonymity

  • Transparent. Proxy data does not provide anonymity during use. These proxies are used in public places. But only those users who have the appropriate restrictions get access to them.
  • Anonymous. During use, such proxies replace the IP address. In addition, forwarding can optionally be performed.
  • Elite. Such proxies provide the highest level of security and anonymity.

Classification by type of use

  • Open. You do not need to use an authentication method to use these proxies. But at the same time, the level of protection of such proxies is relatively low.
  • Private. Their distinctive feature is the use of a variety of authentication methods. This makes it possible to minimize the likelihood of use by those people who do not have access.
  • Private. Such proxies are used only by certain users who have access. Their performance level is higher. But the cost of such proxies is higher.
  • Shared. Such proxies have a large supply of resources. Therefore, they can be shared among multiple users.
  • Web proxy. Such a proxy server is prepared directly on the portal. There is no need to configure it.

The currently presented proxy servers can be static or dynamic. The second option is perfect for scraping. To choose the right proxy, there are many things to consider. If necessary, you can use the recommendations of specialists.

Affordable purchase of private IPv4 / IPv6 proxy

The cost of a dedicated address directly depends on the selected country, protocol and speed tolerance. By flexibly changing the initial order, you can get a good proxy for affordable money without loss in quality and access to the necessary sites. In case of additional questions, it is worth consulting with specialists.

It is recommended to use trusted services and sellers. For example, the provider that we have took as an example, offers only fast and reliable addresses at low prices, low price with the really good quality. There is a huge selection of countries and providers, an excellent base of reviews. With a bulk purchase of 10 proxies, significant discounts are given for the entire package. You can even try the service for free, or by purchasing one desired address for a minimum period. This is very convenient for people who use this service for the first time.

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