What is the happiness hormone? Is it possible to stimulate it?

Love, empathy, self-confidence, contentment, pleasure and joy, even motherhood and many other feelings, are not only related to the structure of the personality, but to some hormones produced by the brain and intestines as well, and it is called the “happiness hormone”, so what is it?

Before talking about the hormone of happiness, it is necessary to discuss the concept of happiness. Love, intelligence, self-confidence and many other abstract concepts, ancient and modern philosophers differed about their definition. Psychologists and all his schools also differed.

Likewise with regard to the concept of happiness, it is difficult to define it and it is difficult to find a unified answer to the question “What is happiness?”. Happiness varies from person to person and from society to society, and sometimes from time to time.

It must be pointed out that it is necessary to distinguish between joy and happiness. Joy is a fleeting state, while happiness is a state of complete satisfaction characterized by its stability and constancy.

happiness hormone

Studies and scientific research have shown the presence of hormones responsible for feeling contentment and happiness, and popularly called the “happiness hormone”, which is responsible for a person’s feeling of happiness. What is the “happiness hormone”? And what does it consist of? How does it work?

What is the happiness hormone?

First of all, it is necessary to define hormones. Hormones are chemicals that are secreted by the endocrine surgery melbourne glands in the body. Because the glands have no ducts, hormones are secreted directly into the bloodstream and not through ducts. And blood transports it to the organs and tissues of the body to exercise its functions. There are many types of hormones that act on different aspects of the body’s functions and processes. Some of these include:

– development and growth

Metabolism and food metabolism

Sexual function, development and reproductive health

Cognitive and cognitive functions and mood

Maintaining body temperature and thirst

How do I raise the hormone of happiness?

Levels of happiness hormones depend on both genes and actions or habits. So it’s easy to stimulate these hormones in simple and effective ways, like listening to music.

A study published in Psychological Science in 2008, and then again in Nature in 2016, showed that our genes are about 50% responsible for our happiness. Although humans have a natural tendency towards frustration and low spirits, it is possible to make active choices to live a brighter and happier day.

Another study, the longest ever conducted on happiness, took more than 75 years to research the causes of a happy life, which was presented by Robert Waldinger of Harvard University (who is the fourth director of this study).

happiness hormone pills

Some resort to looking for happiness hormone pills, thinking that they are the solution to their bad moods. However, no one but the specialized doctor can determine whether the person’s condition calls for treatment with chemical drugs, after conducting the necessary laboratory tests and analyzes, to find out if the defect is due to the person’s behavior and habits, a disorder in the glands’ function, or a deficiency in some vitamins.

How does it stimulate serotonin production?

In the event of a deficiency, it is possible to increase the level of serotonin through the treatment prescribed by the specialist doctor after conducting a hormonal assessment with tests and laboratory tests.

Serotonin production can be stimulated by many natural means, including:

Exposure to natural light and the sun for as long as possible every day. There is a causal relationship between serotonin synthesis and the total number of hours of sunshine per day.

Practicing meditation, yoga, breathing exercises and massage or engaging in a recreational activity to overcome stress, which tends to lower the level of serotonin produced by the body.

– Eat a balanced diet.

Exercising, physical activity increases tryptophan in the body.

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