What Is The Main Equipment For Trekking?

From a financial point of view, the practice of trekking is very accessible, as the trekking equipment required is not many, especially for those just starting. However, it is always good to have compasses, a watch, a hiking stick, hats (or caps), sunscreen, energy foods, a flashlight, batteries, and a first aid kit, in addition to a canister of at least 1 liter – hydration is essential.

It is worth remembering that the choice of each item has to be made carefully and carefully, not only considering the price but mainly the quality, due to greater safety and comfort in the activity. Check, then, the most used items:

  1. Trekking Shoes

As trekking is a hike, specialized boots are the most suitable due to the safety of the ankles in the various terrains to be covered. For those who prefer sneakers, there are some specific models for outdoor walking on the market.

Another necessary attention, in addition to the trekking boot, is to the socks, which usually are used two – one thin and one thick – so that there is the least possible friction between the feet and the shoes.

  1. Trekking Clothing

The use of trousers-shorts is practically unanimous worldwide because they are very versatile, being possible the removal of the bottom to become short. It is also advisable to wear light clothes, as they absorb less heat.

  1. Backpack For Trekking

Of course, it is impossible to hike without a trekking backpack, but it is not necessary to carry the world on your back. However, its size will depend on the length of the walk and the number of useful objects on the route.

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Is It Safe To Trek

In addition, before taking a trail, it is necessary to check whether, for the respective location, it is necessary to have the vaccination up-to-date – especially about yellow fever and, also, pay attention to the following procedures:

  1. Physical Evaluation

For those just starting, trekking ends up being a low-impact activity (similar to hiking), but we cannot deny that the minimum physical effort will be inevitable. Thus, the idea is to make a medical evaluation to find out if everything is fine.

  1. Trekking Guide

The beginning to venture out on trekking must have an experienced guide on the first hikes. This is because he will be the one to help with the best path, the ideal pace, and the solutions presented in the face of any obstacle – very common in natural environments.

  1. Know Your Limit

Having a sense of what you are capable of will always make a difference; after all, knowing your limits and respecting the signs that indicate that your machine has reached its peak (tiredness, pain, and fatigue), the chance of peaceful and healthy trekking is more than guaranteed.

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