What to Consider When Buying an E-Bike?

Some people believe that electric bicycles do not help us at all precisely because they are electric. The reality is that, although these types of bicycles include an electric motor, they are not a motorcycle and do not work as such.

In other words, these types of bicycles are the same as traditional bicycles – and much more similar to them in operation than to a motorcycle – with the difference that they have an electric motor that will offer us some help when pedaling.

The motors of these bikes are powered by rechargeable batteries. We must bear in mind that each of these batteries has different capacities, as well as different weights.

One of the specialties that these bicycles have is that the motors are only activated when we pedal. In addition, we can choose how much these motors help us in our pedaling. If we wish, we can lower or raise it.

Therefore, they are a very good option to go to work or move around the city. Especially for those people who are not used to getting around the city by bicycle, choosing an electric bike can be a very good way to start in a simpler way.

What to look for in electric bicycles we can find in the market

Before choosing an electric bicycle, we must consider which are the most recommended and what to look for in them, so that we get the most suitable for us.

Among other things, the most recommended bicycles are those whose batteries are made of lithium-ion, which have greater durability, lower weight, and take up less space than traditional lead batteries.

Considering where the motor is located is also important. They are usually located either on the wheel or on the axle. Depending on what we are looking for, we will be more interested in one or the other. With those that have the battery located in the wheel, a movement sensor is usually included and they are the most common in bicycles used in the city.

It is also important to consider whether we are going to need to fold them or not so that we can choose a suitable model for our use.

Recommended electric bikes

HovBeta 20″ Foldable Electric Bike

If you are looking for a folding model, light and with good speed, this is your ideal e-bike from hovsco brand. It is a very attractive alternative in terms of value for money. With a 750W brushless motor to facilitate pedaling and a range of approximately 40 to 60 miles. Although, it looks somewhat like a small bicycle, however, it can be comfortable for tall users.

HovCity 27.5″ Cruiser Electric Bike

It is an e-bike made in the USA and designed precisely to be used in the city or urban areas. It is a very light bicycle, with beautiful aesthetics. Hovsco ebike is a bike with 27.5″ wheels, front suspension, and disc brakes.

It offers 5 levels of pedal assistance, integrates a removable battery with great autonomy, and has an LCD display to know data related to the routes. An interesting and complete option to start with electric bicycles!

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