What to Know About Moving to Westminster, CA

When you think about moving to California, remember, the state is more than just LA and Beverly Hills. In fact, smaller cities and towns throughout California have begun to grow as more people move away from big city life and into smaller spaces to raise their children and live without horrible commute times. Among the most popular cities for newcomers is Westminster, CA. This city has a lot to offer and with a population of just over 91,000, you will not have to worry about feeling lost in the hustle and bustle of a large scale city. Here are some things about Westminster, CA you will want to keep in mind.

Close to LA, but a World Away

The draw of living close to a large city is significant, but the problems of crime and overpopulation can turn some people away. Los Angeles is one of the most populated cities in the state of California and Westminster, CA is close, but will feel like a world away. The city of Westminster, CA is located on the southern part of LA and is one of the few places that boast a significant number of Asian Americans. It is estimated that roughly 48% of the city is comprised of Asian Americans. This concentration of Asian Americans is ideal for those who want to embrace the Asian lifestyle without actually moving to another country.visit the site mis portal webmail

Westminster Memorial Park

Few memorial parks boast more than just a small memorial and maybe a bench or a tree. However, Westminster Memorial Park has proven to be a significant draw to everyone in the city. The park encompasses over 100 acres right in the city and offers a great escape from city life without having to venture far. This park features an ode to the Vietnamese people with a traditional pagoda and offers a quaint chapel as well. Additionally, walking the park remains safe and an uplifting experience with endless pathways to explore and a chance to enjoy nature. The entrance for Westminster Memorial Park is located at Beach Boulevard, just outside of the downtown area. Locals love it.

Little Saigon

We have all dreamed of getting on a plane and being engulfed in a Vietnamese street food market, but not everyone has the budget for such extravagant travel. However, in Westminster, CA, you do not have to venture far to have that experience. Little Saigon is a small part of the city with a lot to offer. It is a 3 square mile area that you will smell before you see. Heavenly aromas waft from authentic Vietnamese restaurants enticing you to walk the streets of this unique place, but it is not all devoted to food. Once you have had your fill of amazing traditional foods, you can enjoy strolling through a variety of museums and quaint shops offering traditional merchandise. Little Saigon is sure to be one of your favorite hang outs.

Play Golf?

If you live in southern California you know a little something about golf. Golf is one of the area’s most popular sports. However, golf courses and country clubs throughout the area can be remarkably expensive to just play a round with your friends. The Westminster Golf Course is the best answer for both an amazing range and affordability. This golf course features a full 18 holes with more than 4,600 yards of driving space. Not only can you enjoy hours of golf whenever you want, they offer a driving range so you can work on your swing a little without contending with those terrible sand traps. Westminster Golf Course is a value conscious golfer’s paradise right in the city.

Living in Westminster, CA

When moving into the city, you will have a significant number of choices as to where to live. Apartments, lofts, rental homes, and the option to purchase your own home are all here, but sometimes, these spaces lack available storage. Generally, homes in Westminster, CA do not have basements and attic spaces can be difficult to manage, so most people in the city opt for storage unit spaces to store their valuables and seasonal items. Storage units in Westminster, CA range from basic storage spaces in a variety of sizes all the way up to climate controlled storage that keeps your valuable items at a constant temperature. No matter which option you choose, you will enjoy the ability to clear out the clutter and keep your home looking perfect.

A Day at the Beach

Among the best things about living in Westminster, CA is the proximity to the beach. Huntington Beach Pier is just a few miles west of the downtown area and offers an array of shopping, fishing, and water sports. The pier hosts thousands of spectators throughout the year for a variety of competitions such as surfing tournaments and other water sports related competitions. Even when these events are not taking place, hanging out at the pier for some people watching or relaxing on the beach gives you a day of fun you will not soon forget. Huntington Pier will surely become one of your most prized close by escapes.visit here these site tamilmv

Find Your Zen

In Japanese culture, the harmony between nature and humankind is important. The act of planting a garden is a spiritual event rather than just a means of getting food. It is that harmonious balance that inspired Westminster, CA to cultivate the Noguchi Garden over 40 years ago. This space has become synonymous with a calm environment and is a great place to walk around when you feel stressed. The botanical gardens boast a variety of plants found in traditional Japanese gardens and offers a truly relaxing, Zen experience.

Moving does not have to be complicated and when searching for your perfect place to call home, consider all the amazing benefits of Westminster, CA. The ability to live in such an enjoyable environment just outside of LA is unmatched by other cities in the area. Have it all in Westminster, CA, the ocean, the Zen lifestyle, and the city right at your door when you want to visit.

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