What to look for before selecting a cryptocurrency trading platform?

You may be familiar with the trading activities involving instruments like stocks, commodities, and other securities. Similar to them, you can trade using cryptocurrencies also in different crypto markets. There are several exchanges to help you buy and sell cryptocurrencies. The difference in the values of cryptos while you execute the trade will be your profit. However, there will be some intermediaries who can let your trading sessions happen even without your presence. Websites like offer such services with the help of automated trading bots. You can also change the settings to alter the performance of these bots according to your preference. The advent of these automated trading platforms has helped even beginners to make profits in crypto trading. However, you cannot choose a crypto trading platform randomly as there could be some inefficient platforms also. In this article, you will get to know the things to look for before selecting an automated crypto trading platform.


You should have some clarity about the quality of service offered by the trading platform to get the confidence to put money into it. This clarity can be given by the previous customers of the platform. Either you can check the testimonials page of the platform to know some feedbacks of the customers or you can check online portals where people will provide their reviews for such platforms. It is better only to deposit money on a highly reliable platform.

Site security

You may have seen https and http before the domain names of various websites. They are nothing but the denotations of the sites’ security level. If the site has https before its domain name, you can assume that it has an encryption certificate known as SSL. So, all the information you provide on such a website will be secured and no one can misuse them. However, if it is a non-secured site, you should stay away from it.


A trading platform is just to help you have better trading sessions as you will not know about dealing with the exchanges directly. So, these platforms should offer the necessary features to let you trade effectively. Some features to look for will be the automated trading bot, live trading capabilities, accurate info about the markets, integration with crypto exchanges, better user interface, and many more. It is better to go with a trading platform with a collection of features.

Customer support

Whenever you deal with an online platform, you should ensure that your communication with the management is smooth without any hassles. As you could not meet them in person, you will be reliant on their customer care system. Mostly, you will find live chat or mailing systems only. If there is no response, you would have to go to another platform. It is not a great idea to adjust in terms of customer support as it could lead to several issues.

Withdrawal modes

Let us assume that you have made some profits by trading for few sessions. Now, you will wish to take the profits out as cash in your bank account. However, if the withdrawal system is not good, you will not get your money soon. Sometimes, there will only be one option to withdraw and you will never get your money if that option fails. So, it is better to consider platforms offering various ways to get your money. Also, you should check the maximum time for the money to get transferred to your account. Some platforms may also charge for withdrawals.


Another major factor to look for is the commission asked by the trading platforms for each activity. For instance, you would have to pay a specific amount to activate a particular feature. Also, there will be a charge to execute each trade. Integration with specific exchanges can be charged. As there is no specific standard for these charges, you should check them before confirming a platform.


The user interface of the platform should be great and it should let you perform your trading activities without any hassles. The site speed should be optimal and the outlook itself should be easy to understand for beginners as well as pros.

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