What Will Happen if you are Accused of Title IX in School?

If you have been accused of sexual misconduct or harassment in school, you are likely to face severe consequences. Several procedures will be followed to figure out whether you are guilty. You need to be prepared for these steps mentally and rationally. You will need to prepare the Title IX defense in California so that you can get the outcome in your favor. You should learn what will happen if you are accused of Title IX. Some of the scenarios are explained below:

Disciplinary actions of the college

If someone has accused you of sexual misconduct and filed a complaint with the school authorities, you need to act swiftly and understand your rights after the school has decided to take disciplinary actions. Every school has different standards and procedures to handle these cases. However, the consequences will be harsh because if you are found guilty, it will have a negative impact on your student life. 

Investigating the case

The school may appoint an investigator to look into the matter and investigate the case properly. He will take the statements of everyone involved in the case such as the accused, victim, and witnesses.  He can review the documents to find out if there was a potential violation of the policy. He can interact with the staff of the school and batch mates of the accused and the victim to establish hidden facts and motives.

Hearing of the Title IX case

After the investigator submits his report of findings, the authorities will fix up a date for hearings. The victim, accused and members of the associations are notified to be present in the hearings along with their evidence. During the hearing, the accused will be able to review the statement of the victim and witnesses. At this stage, the cross-examination will occur and everyone involved in the case can present his or her side of the story. It is suggested to make the most of this opportunity and present your views in the most convincing manner.

Final verdict of the case

Finally, after reviewing all facts and evidence, the panel may give the verdict of the case. If found guilty, the accused will have to suffer penalties, dismissal, and other consequences.  If he or she believes that the decision was not appropriate, the accused can appeal the decision.

It is important to contact an attorney right after you have been accused. It will save your time and effort. 

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