What you should know about the Book of Ra slot

Since its entry into the gambling market, the Book Of Ra slot machine has immediately made a splash in the hearts of many passionate players. Both in the online version and in the VLT version for terrestrial rooms, the success of this slot, branded Novomatic, has allowed it to place itself among the most followed, appreciated and played machines ever. 

In addition to the captivating graphics, Book of Ra is a game that offers a lot of fun mixed with the charm of adventure; the protagonist is in fact an intrepid explorer in search of fortune grappling with the mysterious Egyptian world, a land that still hides secrets and buried treasures to be recovered.

In short, who would not want to play the role of this virtual Indiana Jones? In this fantastic free slot machine books of Ra, the golden sarcophagus of Pharaoh Tutankhamun, the statue of the Goddess Ali, the symbol of the Scarab, our Explorer, the letters J, Q, K and A and the number 10, are the symbols across which we can have fun playing in the various free to play versions available online. 

Likewise, all lovers of thrills and bets will find the same symbols waiting for them in its variants to play for real money, with which they will have to compete in order to try to take home the highest prize pool offered by this popular slot.

The great success of Book of Ra

This Novomatic product has also become very famous thanks to its exciting prize pools that have delighted some intrepid and lucky players. Not only the beautiful graphics and the quality of the avant-garde product voted for “adventure” crown this title among the most popular; much of the success and longevity of this game are due to the percentage of return for the player (RTP) which averages around 90% in the slot machines present in terrestrial rooms, and 95% on average in its playable versions for real money in siti slot online. 

A very incentive payout which in turn allowed the spread of this slot among fans. Below is the list of the highest winnings found playing with Book of Ra in the Italian VLT rooms:

  • € 480,000 won in Palermo in 2016
  • € 470,000 won in Velletri in 2012
  • € 140,000 won in Lugano
  • € 70,000 won in Milan in 2017

From the certainly smaller but still very interesting amounts, are those of the winnings accrued comfortably from home playing with the PC or through your smartphone; prize pools ranging from € 30,000 to almost € 100,000 won by regular users of online casinos. A rapidly growing sector that sees many users investing time and money in virtual rooms.

How to win at this fantastic slot

If you are thinking of wanting to try your hand at this slot, the first advice that comes to my mind to offer is to try the free to play version present in one of the many siti slot online that make Book of Ra available for free. Doing a little practice to learn more about the symbols and game developments can really help you! The special feature of this slot, as you might guess, is the fastest way to get a good payout.

The standard version of Book of Ra offers 10 paylines, 5 game reels with 3 symbols each. The book symbol, from which the slot takes its name, acts as both a Scatter and a Wild symbol. You will need at least 3 symbols from the book, anywhere on the reels, to activate 10 free spins; through the free spins it is possible to achieve a greater number of winning combinations thanks to a bonus symbol, chosen at random at the beginning of the free spins, which will expand to their full size every time it appears on the reels.

One or more Scatter icons pay in any position they are on the reels and, also acting as a Wild symbol, they allow you to finish in the best way all the combinations that are not successful during normal play. The symbol for which to cross your fingers and on which to focus your hopes more is the image of our dear adventurer; in fact, if luck wants to reward you thanks to this symbol you can get a multiplier up to 500 times the current bet.

Does the mobile gaming experience allow for maximum fun?

The mobile product market is constantly growing, and this also applies to the world of online gambling. In fact, more and more operators are developing Apps dedicated to their brand to allow their users to be able to use their favorite games in total comfort wherever they are. Novomatic didn’t miss the opportunity either, developing the smartphone and tablet version of its number one slot machine. We can therefore say that the gaming experience remains the same, it is only the means that changes and brings with it some differences.

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