Where to invest money in 2022? We get answers from the industry expert

Microcredits were born as an alternative to traditional banks in developing countries for social purposes.

What are microcredits?

They are small loans that are granted to groups with limited resources and who have difficulties in obtaining traditional credit. Initially they were aimed at women with few resources and who wanted to start a project or meet their needs. But currently, microcredits are also granted to cover urgent needs that can be covered but not at that time. If you are interested in investing money in microcredit, it is best to go to a specialized financial institution, either online or in an office to request more information. I recommend that you do not invest all your capital in a single project, but that you allocate it to finance several projects, in order to reduce risks and obtain better returns. Think that if a project does not work, but you have invested in five, your losses will be less. This investment can be made in the short, medium or long term, depending on the project you choose. But I recommend that you look for investments with yields at different terms, to obtain income at different times and you can reinvest according to the evolution of the market, or simply enjoy the benefits.

Showcase your skills on YouTube – BIG MONEY RIGHT THERE

Short marketing videos – Surveys show that short form content is the second most successful trend used by marketing teams today. More than 31% of marketers worldwide currently invest in short-form video content, and 46% say this strategy is effective in improving engagement and driving results. In 2022, 89% of marketers worldwide plan to spend the same or more on short videos. Platform youtube now is on it as well, their new feature shorts have added a new layer of depth to the whole youtube infrastructure, even easier than using new features is straight up to buy YouTube subscribers with PayPal.

Invest in Crowdfunding

Surely this sounds familiar to you, right? And it is that there is more and more talk of crowdfunding, as a way of investing and a means of obtaining financing. Crowdfunding is a way of collective financing, which is normally done through online platforms, that is, without financial intermediation, and is used to finance a specific project. The objective is to put project promoters in contact with potential investors or fund providers who hope to obtain a return. There are four types of crowdfunding, according to the expected reward for financial contributions:

  • Crowdfunding. It is expected to receive a reward that can be in the form of a product or service.
  • Crowd investing. The consideration is through shares or participation of the company. Benefits are expected in the medium or long term.
  • Crowdlending. The contribution is made in exchange for interest on the borrowed money, this interest rate will vary according to the amount borrowed and the repayment term.
  • Crowdonation. Contributions are made disinterestedly and no type of reward is expected.

The operation of Crowdfunding is quite simple, although it will depend on the platform where you do it and the project, it is normally the following:

  1. The entrepreneur or project promoter sends their project idea to the platform, with a detailed description, the amount they need, the type of crowdfunding they are looking for, etc.
  2. The platform is responsible for evaluating the project and after this it is published. The publication will indicate the time that people have to invest money in it.
  3. Once the ad is published, the entrepreneurs will be in charge of promoting it to obtain the necessary financing.
  4. When the term ends, the project is closed and the financing obtained is verified.

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