Which is better, wig piece or wig cover? – What’s the difference between wig piece & wig cover

We all know that wigs can be divided into hair cover and human hair wigs. In your opinion, which is better, wigs and wigs? What’s the difference between a wig piece and a wig cover?

Which is better, a wig piece or a wig cover

Wig piece and wig cover have their own advantages. Generally speaking, the area of wig piece is smaller than that of head cover, which is relatively cheaper, with good air permeability and easy to wear; The wig cover has a large area, takes time and labor to process, and uses more hair than the hair block, so it is better than the wig piece in terms of wig processing and price. The wig cover is lifelike after wearing, has good overall effect, and has good connection with the real hair. Therefore, the wig cover and the wig piece have their own advantages.

Difference between wig piece and wig cover

  1. Wig cover is a kind of wig product that can be picked and worn freely like a hat. It is suitable for people who have no hair, all white hair, large-area hair loss and want to change their existing hairstyle.
  2. Partial alopecia refers to partial alopecia and partial alopecia. Need to increase hair density locally; Change hair color, hair style, etc.

Is it harmful to wear wigs for a long time

The harm of wearing wigs for a long time is one of the problems that people often discuss when using wigs. However, due to the wide variety of wigs on the market, it should be seen according to the specific situation. Pure handmade human hair can be worn for life, which has no impact and harm to the body. It is a pure physical high-end hair replacement product. If it is chemical fiber hair, it can be carried at one time. It can’t be carried often, because chemical fiber hair is chemical fiber products. At present, the high-temperature silk of regular large factories can also be used for a long time, but it is difficult to find the high-temperature silk of large factories. Once you choose the wrong one, it is also risky. Therefore, try to choose real hair and buy real hair in physical stores. It is guaranteed in terms of after-sales. Old stores that have been operating for more than 10 years can buy it with ease.

Precautions for selecting wigs

  1. The material is better. Different hair qualities and wigs must have different natural realism, softness and comfort. If you need to wear a wig because of hair loss, you should focus on real hair and manual weaving, because the whole real hair wig can be integrated with your own hair with high fidelity. Usually wear less, you can choose a better wig company, which is cheaper and fashionable.
  2. The workmanship should be fine. You can identify whether the workmanship is exquisite enough from the hair spin, hair root and hair seam on the top of the head. A good wig is as natural as it grows. On the contrary, the rough hair is very stiff, which is far from the growing hair. The overall firmness and comfort of the hair are different.
  3. Fashion matching degree: the color of the wig should be the same as the original hair color. At the same time, the shape and size of the wig should be suitable for the face shape, which can modify the face shape to a certain extent.

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