White Sapphire Vs Diamond – What’s the Dissimilarity?

When it comes to diamonds and white sapphires, you may have a hard time deciding which one is better. The color and cut are key differences between the two, and your decision should be based on aesthetics. While a diamond can be any shape you want, white sapphires are flexible and can be cut into any shape. However, there are some things to keep in mind when comparing these two gemstones.

A perfect substitute

A white sapphire is more durable than a diamond. Neither gem is naturally found, so any jewelry made from either stone is artificially produced. A synthetic stone’s hardness is much lower than a diamond, making it a perfect substitute. The white sapphire is mined in Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand, Madagascar, and Tanzania. It is usually available in smaller sizes, between 1.5 to 2.5 mm.

While the beauty of white sapphires cannot be matched by a diamond, a well-cut diamond has a brilliant appearance and sparkle. A triple A or double a diamond vs white sapphire has a high quality and is affordable. Both diamonds and whites can be scratched and will show dirt and soap on your skin. They are also durable enough to be worn daily, so they are a better choice for everyday wear.

To be republished

The most important difference between diamonds and white sapphires is that a diamond is more durable. The difference is most obvious in the sparkle. A diamond’s fire and sparkle make it a better choice. While white sapphires can scratch and abrade, diamonds will not need to be republished. They are both durable and beautiful, but both will look dull if they are not cleaned regularly. If you’re not careful, a diamond is likely to show dirt more readily than a sapphire.

Although the diamond is the best choice for a ring, white sapphires are also less durable than diamonds. A poorly-cut stone will not sparkle, but a poorly-cut stone will be more attractive than one without sparkle. And while a diamond will last forever, a white sapphire will last a long time. So, if you’re looking for a white sapphire ring, you should choose this option if you want to save money on a ring.

Color and clarity

The main difference between a diamond and a white sapphire is in the color and clarity. While both stones are naturally white, the former is more precious and has a higher price tag. In addition to color and clarity, a white sapphire is also more expensive than a diamond. A diamond is considered a clearer gem, but it can be cloudy, whereas a white sapphire is opaque.

A white sapphire has a yellow or brown hue that can make it appear lifeless. While a diamond has the highest price tag, a white sapphire is not as valuable as a diamond, and a white sapphire is not a good alternative. It’s better to get a diamond. Nevertheless, it’s worth a higher price. So, white sapphires have many advantages over diamonds.

 Important characteristics

Compared to diamonds, white sapphires have a lower sparkle. When it comes to white sapphires, the sparkle of a white sapphire is less intense than that of a White Sapphire Vs Diamond. A diamond is bright and sparkling under light, while a white aspire has a glass-like appearance. The only difference between a diamond and a white sapphire is the clarity. A high clarity stone will be more durable than a low-quality one.

A white sapphire is clear in color, with a cloudy white hue. It measures 9 on the Mohs scale. It is a durable stone and is suitable for everyday use. While diamonds are evaluated based on their four C’s, a white sapphire’s worth is not determined by the GIA. Besides the clarity of the stone, other important characteristics of a sapphire are the presence of inclusions and colorless purity.


When comparing the two gems, the white sapphire has the advantage when it comes to brilliance. While a diamond is more expensive, a white sapphire has a higher luster. The latter is considered the best gem when compared to a diamond. A single A is the lowest grade, and a double A is the highest. The A rating is an indication of the size and clarity of the stone.

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