Why King Size Bed Is Better Than Other Beds?

Ever wondered about the phrase- ‘Live Life, King Size’? It pretty much applies to every aspect of your life. Especially when it comes to deciding the size of your mattress. Your choice of mattress can make or break your nightly repose. Too small and you could struggle to fit in with a partner, too large and it could eat into your floor space. A king size mattress is an outstanding option for the unparalleled and lavish comfort it offers. Stretch out luxuriously after a long day of work to experience a no-regret, restful, slumber- every night. 

In this article, we explore reasons why you should upgrade and buy king size mattress for the many benefits it entails. 

Benefits Of A King Size Bed

More Sleep Ground

Ever had a nightmare and rolled off the bed? Keep both the nightmare and lack of space at bay with a king sized mattress. The sheer size of this mattress offers plenty of space for you and your partner or children to sleep in absolute comfort stretched out. Roll around, stretch out, and dive into 8 hours of undisturbed sleep.

Suited For All Types Of Sleepers

The spacious dimensions of a king size bed online ensure that it caters to all types of sleepers in the house. Whether you are a side, front, or back sleeper- the massive mattress surface along with the filling available offers ample space and comfort for tall and short-sized people alike! Brands like Wakefit also encourage exclusive customisation to match every sleep preference. 

Excellent For Co-Sleeping

King sized beds and mattresses are an excellent option for a family with young kids or pets. The additional space it offers is comforting for all members to cuddle and have a lie in.

Say Goodbye To Body Pains

Having a large bed means, there is plenty of space to accommodate sleep accessories like wedge pillows for overall support. Additionally, king size beds come at an ergonomic height from above the ground making it easier for people with aches and pains to get on and get off. 

Stay Organised

How does a king size bed offer a clutter-free storage solution? Think of pull-out drawers under the bed or Murphy beds that offer storage right under the mattress. Stow away your kids’ toys, extra bedding, large pillows, and much more to create a clutter-free space for your sacred haven.

Aesthetically Charming

The impressive dimensions of a king size bed make it an attractive focal point for a spacious bedroom. An upholstered or wooden headboard with a modern design can instantly make the room feel welcoming and chic. 

Factors To Consider When Looking To Buy King-Size Bed:

Here are some factors to consider when you buy king size bed and mattress:

  • No. of Occupants: Do you have an infant or toddler? Will you be sharing the bed with a family member? It’s important to take count of how many occupants will be sharing the bed before deciding on mattress size and bed frame. A king size bed is a great option if you want to share the bed with one adult and child. An additional tip? Opt for memory foam filling to curb movement transfers!
  • Sleep positions: Everybody has different sleep position preferences that enable them to fall into deep sleep. Keep in consideration how much space is preferred for each sleep style and height to be able to choose the perfect mattress. 
  • Accessibility:  King sized beds and mattresses are large ranging between 72”x70” to 84”x78”. While king-size dimensions are standard, the mattresses can be customised and can vary to suit your room and requirements. A king size bed is best recommended in a room that is at least 12ft by 9ft, 10 inches. This allows for the recommended 30 inches minimum space required around the bed for ease of accessibility. 
  • Frame size: Many king size bed frames have an additional 3 to 5 inches of space around the mattress to give adequate support. However, it’s important to invest in one that fits just right into the frame to prevent the mattress from moving out of place. Should you have space limitations, consider picking a slim Sheesham wood frame that not only offers warmth to the space but takes less visual weight too. 
  • Frame type: There are many different types of bed frame types available. Choose from the ones mentioned below.

Types Of Bed Frames To buy 

  • Platform wood frame: This is a box type of wooden frame that seats mattresses closer to the ground. These can hold any type of mattress securely. 
  • Frame with wooden slats: These are wooden frames that need additional wooden slats as support to hold the mattress. These slats run across the width of the bed. 
  • Metal frames: These are durable, slim and last the test of time. 
  • Headboard panel bed frame: Typically made of wood, these are stylish frames with a tall headboard upholstered or not. 

Choosing a king-size bed is a long-term investment. Unlike other smaller mattresses where wear and tear can kick in earlier, a bigger mattress can spread out the user’s body weight giving it an extra few years. As they say, live life, king size!


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