Why Mere Mentor is the best Career Counsellor in Chennai

About Mere Mentor

Mere Mentor has successfully established credibility as a reputed Career-Tech company. Their extensive field experience of more than ten years has made them trustworthy and reliable. The company has become the ultimate destination for career guidance for students, graduates and working professionals. Additionally, they have also been providing skill enhancement programs to make a difference in the lives of the youth and help them advance their careers. The Founder and CEO, Mr Saurav Sinha actively participates in social work and the betterment of society. He believes that the nation can truly progress if the workforce comprises individuals who are passionate towards their work. So, top career counselling companies in India strives to help individuals to choose a career option that will match their character traits and interests. They make every effort to do justice to their motto of ‘Pathway to your Passion’.

Current Scenario

There is a lack of awareness regarding the innumerable career opportunities and their scope. On top of it, students and the youth do not get access to proper guidance which often leads to an increased school dropout rate and unemployment. These general educational and social issues hamper the nation’s growth potential and per capita income.

When it comes to choosing a career, students are often left with the feeling of confusion and anxiety. With limited knowledge of the different professions, they are left to choose between the traditional career choices of a doctor, engineer, teacher, CA, accountant, government jobs, etc. Additionally, parental expectations and influence can be the cause of added stress for students.

No one guides them about the importance of opting for the job that they feel passionate about, interests them, and suits their personality and values. They do not realise that it is crucial to understand the job profile and what it entails before starting to pursue the same profession. Otherwise, depending on their personality, the students are often left unprepared to handle their monotonous job or cope with the dynamic nature of their chosen profession.

Therefore, being one of the best career counsellors in Chennai, Mere Mentor has been relentlessly working towards offering career awareness in countless different career fields. They want to create the opportunity for every individual to explore varied career options and equip him with the knowledge to choose the best for himself.

Few Notable Achievements of Mere Mentor:

Mere Mentor has built a solid foundation and reputation by working with more than 200 schools, 50 colleges, and 30 corporates. The company also plays its role in making a difference in the lives of underprivileged kids by assisting other companies in their CSR activities. They have worked with the State Governments of West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Assam, Meghalaya, Jharkhand, and Maharashtra.

Mere Mentor has further worked with the Governments of Meghalaya and Jharkhand to successfully revamp several Anganwadi centres into exceptional creative learning centres and has worked on modifying the existing curriculum. They promote the concept of learning through play. Additionally, by contributing to Early Childhood Care and Education and stressing creativity, well-being and innovative thinking, Mere Mentor promotes holistic development in children.

Accreditations & Recognitions:

Mere Mentor has been accredited and recognised by more than 20 national and international bodies such as NCDA (National Career Development Association), Startup India, CDI (Career Development Institute), ACCPH (Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists), GeM (Government e-Marketplace), CDCL (Career Development College London), APCDA (Asia Pacific Career Development Association) and more.

Process Flow at Mere Mentor:

Mere Mentor has been maintaining its prominence as the best career counselling in India by introducing an effective and unique process flow. It starts with:

A five-dimensional psychometric assessment – Psychometric assessments are scientifically proven tools which enable an individual to have a clear understanding of his personality, skills and interests. Mere Mentor has developed their own AI-based psychometric assessments which include a different questionnaire for separate age groups. 

Career Assessment Report – After undertaking Mere Mentor’s AI-based psychometric test, an individual receives the career assessment report instantly. Although it might be difficult to grasp the meaning of the entire report on their own, the clients are recommended to go through it.

Counselling Session – Mere Mentor offers two types of counselling sessions – Group counselling and one-on-one sessions. The apt words for describing the sessions would be informative, detailed, eye-opening, and simply incredible. 

Action Plans – At the end of the counselling sessions, the career counsellors provide effective action plans which include a roadmap to help the clients stay on track for achieving their professional goals.

Expert Connections – Mere Mentor has more than 200 experts on board who are skilled in their respective industries. When required, the highly experienced counsellors connect the clients with these industry experts in order to offer them valuable insights about the scope, work culture and job profile of a particular profession.

Who are the career counsellors at Mere Mentor?

All the career counsellors at Mere Mentor are certified with Master’s degrees or PhDs in Psychology or Behavioural Science. So, they are knowledgeable, experienced and capable of handling all sorts of career-related issues and doubts with efficiency. Additionally, counsellors are highly regarded for being patient, unbiased, competent, brilliant communicators, wonderful listeners, and well-versed in the innumerable career fields available nowadays. They help the clients in identifying their strengths, weaknesses, abilities, skills, and potential to understand themselves better. The main objective for career counsellors is to assist them to choose an ideal career by giving suggestions and leaving the decision-making part to the client. 

Mere Mentor encourages the individuals to be comfortable in opening up and sharing their doubts freely with the counsellor who can successfully guide them only if the client cooperates completely.

What other work is Mere Mentor involved in apart from Career Counselling?

Apart from career counselling in India, Mere Mentor has been providing top-notch skill training programs that include life skills, employability skills, pre-placement skills, personality development skills and more. The main purpose behind these programs is to benefit the youth, employees, students, and entrepreneurs to achieve their career goals. Additionally, Mere Mentor also offers a teacher training program to teachers alongside a separate leadership training program for principals. 


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