Why the high-waisted bikini is making a comeback

Surprisingly, the high-waisted bikini isn’t considered anymore as old-fashioned or qualified as “granny panties”. For the last few seasons, this swimwear has been trending and many celebrities have inspired some of us to try on this style. The truth is, the high-waisted bikini is flattering to most figure types, which is probably the main reason for its success. Therefore, it might be interesting to take a look at the other reasons that make high-waisted bikinis so popular, and why it might be perfect for you.

Good-fitting and comfortable

While choosing a swimwear set, it is important to take into account not only the visual aspect of the bikini but also its convenience. The high-waisted bikini has thought of it all !

  • Emphasizes your curves: unlike some of the bikini styles, high-waisted bottoms are incredibly figure flattering. If you have a long torso, go for styles that sit even a bit higher on your waist, and if you have a short torso, opt for a bikini that sits below your belly button to create the illusion of a longer midsection. Petites can also pull off this cut, just like any other type of figure! High-waisted bikini also makes the waist tuck in everything so your belly appears flatter. Altogether, this bikini accentuates your curves and gives you an hourglass silhouette and creates a very feminine look.

Elongated legs: the main advantage of the high-waisted bikini, is that it makes your legs visually longer and thinner regardless of your body type. 

Comfort: in high-waisted bikinis, you can be sure that nothing will fall off thanks to the elastic waist seam that keeps it in place, even if you jump off a rock into the sea. And also, this cut will end at your natural curves, meaning you’ll have more freedom of movement. High-waisted bikinis are also great for pregnant women.

Easy to style and versatile

Since high-waisted bikinis have come back in trend, the quantity of shapes, colors and styles has amplified. Striped, polka dots or tie-side options, as well as many other different designs – you can find the pattern that you love! They also come with different embellishments: buttons, mesh panels, or bows. And finally, if you love retro, some chequered high-waisted bikinis are perfect for you as they give a chic and elegant 70’s look, reminding of the iconic Marilyn Monroe or Grace Kelly. These bikinis look great with accessories: oversized sunglasses, hats, or scarves. They also fit with some platform sandals or some beach cover-ups. 

How to choose?

High-waisted bikini normally works in your usual size, but if it digs into the skin or creates bulges of flesh, you should go a size up. Also, you can go for striped bottoms, which will visually slim down your hips. The tops for high-waisted bikinis are just as versatile as the bottoms, but if you want to slim down your torso and arms, check out some deep plunging V-necklines. As for the fabric, polyester would be the most long standing, and it is also resistant to saltwater and chlorine. It is fast to dry, which makes it the perfect choice for


We can be sure that these bikinis will stay in style for the many following years, so they definitely should be in your wardrobe. It is of course always better to try on swimwear, but the chance that this style will fit you just fine is the highest. You can now take a look at the many options on the marketplace Shafa and find your perfect high-waisted bikini, and get the attention that you deserve at the beach.

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