Why You Should Get a V Part Wig?

A V Part wig is a new type of U Part wig. It is improved on the basis of the U Part wig. It has a “V” shaped opening at the top of your head, the weaves of V part wigs are sewn onto a wig cap with an opening, the opening of the wig is left for the natural hair to go through. You can blend your own hair through the V-shaped opening at the top of the wig, then create a natural hairline.

The Details Of Lovmuse V Part Wigs

Hair Material: 

100% virgin Human Hair. 

Can be dyed, permed, bleached, styled as your own hair. 

Bouncy, soft and comfortable.


No lace, No glue, Secure with clips

Easily removable and wearable.

Cap Size: 

Fits most head sizes. 

Can be adjusted with straps and combs, 5 clips on the cap.

Made Method: 

Machine Made & Hand Tied

Hair length: 

14-26 inches

The Pros of V Part Wigs:

  1. Easy to Install and Take Down

V part wig is glueless wig, you just need to put it on directly and adjust it with some clips to the proper directions. Just a few minutes you will take. Before you go to bed, it is very convenient to take it down. And it is extremely for beginners.

  1. Comfortable

The hair cap is made of breathable materials so that it feels very comfortable. 

  1. More Affordable

Compared with a lace front wig, a V part wig can be gotten at a lower price because there is no lace on the wig.

  1. Prevent Allergies

There is no lace for V part wigs so you don’t need to worry about the skin allergies, which is definitely a good news for girls with sensitive skin.

Lovmuse Hair  provide all kinds of wigs with high quality and affordable price, come to Lovmuse Hair and choose one for yourself!

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