Wifi Smoke Detector: Wherever you are it will warn you of the fire

Like conventional smoke detectors, the wifi smoke detector serves to warn us of the presence of smoke produced by an incipient outbreak of fire. It connects to the Wi-Fi network and communicates with an application that we have previously downloaded and configured on our smartphone.

Like traditional detectors, it is placed on the ceiling or at a certain height, to ensure better and faster detection. They have a luminous warning emitted by an LED device and an audible alarm that gives the alert when they have detected smoke in the area. In addition, it keeps us informed of any incident by sending notifications and notices to our mobile phone through the App.


The Wi-Fi smoke detector, also known as a smart smoke detector, contains a photoelectric camera inside that is enabled to detect the presence of smoke particles in the air.

There are models that also incorporate carbon dioxide sensors, in the event that the smoke from combustion is colorless, and infrared detectors capable of detecting the presence of fire in the place. Its internal operation is essentially identical to that of a typical smoke detector.

To put a Wi-Fi smoke detector to work, you must download an app developed by the manufacturer, configure it properly and connect it to the local Wi-Fi network of the place. All notices and alerts that occur will be notified via mobile phone.

Most makes and models are battery-powered, so there is no need to connect them to the mains.

Our security and that of yours are priceless. Having a wifi smoke detector installed gives you the peace of mind of being informed at all times of the situation of your home or business, even if you are not there.

Whether it is during daily outings to go to work or shopping, or having to take a trip, it is normal to feel anguish and uncomfortable not being able to know if an incident is happening in our home or business. It is also an added problem if you have a second home or a warehouse that you do not usually visit frequently.

Installing a wifi smoke detector guarantees that you can know first-hand and instantly that everything is fine and, in the event of suffering a mishap, being able to take measures to avoid greater evils.

What to do in case the smoke detector alarm goes off?

If your smoke alarm goes off, the first thing to do is call the fire department or emergency services. As long as you are not putting your safety at risk, try to close the doors of the room where there is fire.

Never open a closed door where you feel the heat, there could be a fire in the room and when you open the door you run the risk of being burned. Soak a washcloth or towel with water and cover your nose and mouth to avoid inhaling smoke.

The most sensible thing is to squat on the ground because the temperature is lower and the toxic gases and smoke always tend to rise.

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