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Work Effective: 10+ Essential Apps for a Modern Businessman

If you are a businessman, then you have so many things to remember and keep in mind. Project management, preparation of reporting documents, planning a development strategy … all this requires attention and time. Even when you go on a business trip, there are a lot of things to organize. 

For example, suppose you have an official meeting in Guadalajara. You need to find the right hotel, book a Guadalajara Airport car rental for easy transportation, find a suitable meeting point, and much more. How not forget about all the important points and make life easier for a modern businessman? The answer is simple – install some useful apps on your smartphone. 

There are many business applications out there today. Here are some of the most recommended.


This mobile service provides a handy notebook or diary in which you can write down important information or make notes. The program allows you to group and filter information according to various criteria. A convenient search engine makes it easy to access important business notes. In addition, you may save the information entered in the cloud, and synchronize the application with the Apple Watch.

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Trello helps you organize your project and task management space. It’s more popular among small businesses due to its convenient functionality and the presence of a large number of free tools and an intuitive interface. 

According to entrepreneurs, this business application is great both for organizing teamwork and for individual tasks. The program allows you to work with most of the required commands, including marketing boards, project commands, etc.

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This is a versatile interactive daily planner that helps entrepreneurs to plan business and personal time. Wunderlist lets you share information with multiple users at once and create a to-do list. The program implies collective interaction between employees of different departments and divisions of the company, which allows you to properly allocate time when working on large projects. 

The software runs on all popular operating systems including Android, macOS, and iOS. The functionality of the app is sufficient for any business.

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This multitasking planner works equally well in a traditional office space or when organizing a remote workplace. Moreover, it’s free and runs on all popular operating systems. 

According to users, the tool is a great addition and can be used alone or in conjunction with other business applications and special tools for entrepreneurs.


This application allows you to rent a car in over 130 countries around the world. As a businessman, you can use it to find the right vehicle for your official meetings with partners. The program provides access to the offers of all available car rental companies. You can compare deals in the location you need and choose the best one.

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This is an app for working with social networks and posting services. Used as a feature-rich planner, Hootsuites works with most of the popular social media platforms such as Foursquare, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Entrepreneurs highlight the ability to work online with notifications and news feeds as a particularly positive feature.

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Dropbox is one of the most helpful and in-demand cloud services that provide storage space at an affordable rate. This business application features a high degree of security and stability, which is a very important criterion for a business. 

To access personal and work documents, you just need to have a device that supports high-speed Internet access. As a rule, businesses benefit from Dropbox for automated document backups. 


Wrike is a versatile multi-user system for working with complex projects. Thanks to the availability of specialized tools, each participant can track the actions of colleagues and set task priorities. Entrepreneurs say that this business application is ideal for large projects and administrative control over personnel assigned to perform specific tasks. Using Wrike greatly simplifies your workflow and streamlines your overall work.


This application will be useful for those who always have a lot of information in their head. Now they will be able to transfer it to notes. Todoist is a great planner that any busy person will like. Here you indicate to yourself the tasks you need to complete, remember the dates that you mustn’t forget about, and set reminders. The app can organize all tasks into different categories, and even create notifications according to multiple occurrences.

Team Viewer 

Smartphones in the modern world are powerful, but they can’t always replace a desktop PC. Unfortunately, you can’t always take your computer with you in order to have the necessary information at hand. Team Viewer is an application that allows you to remotely access your office computer from anywhere in the world. With just one click, you can connect to your office PC or laptop, perform all the necessary operations, and even transfer files.


Slack is a group chat that helps people connect with each other. Moderators can create specific topics and other members can join them. The service supports the transfer of files of almost any format, which means that you can easily share documents, presentations, and other business materials. Among other things, it’s possible to connect Hangouts, Asana, Dropbox, Twitter, and other services. The app is available on all mobile operating systems.

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