World’s Most Valuable Sport Empires

When thinking about sports, there is a ridiculous amount of money going around. These franchises are typically around for decades and have established a bit of an image that helps their brand reach not only sports fans, but also have people that are not interested in sports knowing what the team is. Typically we view the owner of an individual sports team but we are doing something different here. Today, we will be discussing some of the most valuable sports empires in the entire planet and what makes them so valuable. 

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Liberty Media ($17.2 Billion)

Liberty Media owns a lot of properties in the sporting world as they own Formula 1 and the Atlanta Braves while also having partial ownership of Drone Racing League, Kroenke Arena Company, and Meyer Shank Racing.

Liberty Media is a public company so that means you can technically become part of the ownership group and claim to be part of the most valuable sports empires in the entire planet. That’s a pretty cool nugget that you can share to all your friends and family as well and give you a bit of a feeling that you are a member of an ownership group of a few sports businesses.  

Kroenke Sports & Entertainment ($10.54 Billion)

Stan Kroenke is the chairman and has a lot of properties in his portfolio. In the sports sector, he has the: Los Angeles Rams, Colorado Avalanche, Denver Nuggets, Arsenal FC, eSports investments, Colorado Rapid, Colorado Mammoth, Altitude Sports and Entertainment, and the Kroenke Arena Company. 

From winning a Super Bowl last season and having some extremely competitive franchises in their portfolio, Kroenke Sports & Entertainment should see its profits expanding even more but they will need to continue investing into other franchises and leagues in order to surpass Liberty Media as the worldwide leader in sports empires. 

Fenway Sports Group ($9.81 Billion)

Principal owner John Henry and chairman Tom Werner are the two most influential people of this ownership group. They are the majority owners of the Boston Red Sox, Liverpool FC,  NESN, Fenway Sports Management, Pittsburgh Penguins, and some real estate properties. They also are a minority owner in Rush Fenway Keselowski Racing.

As the leading sports empire in all of the Northeast United States, the Fenway Sports Group has been doing a lot of moving and potentially could be in a buying mode into more soccer teams in the area. They are typically in the news to acquire more and increase their portfolio so I would not be shocked if that happens to be the case here as well. 

Jerry Jones ($8.85 Billion)

One of the most notable people in the sports ownership world is Jerry Jones and he is fourth in the sports empires value list. Unlike the other people on this list, he is only on this list because of the Dallas Cowboys but he also owns The Star Newspaper and Complexity Gaming as well as a minority stake in Legends Hospitality. 

Owning the most valuable sports franchise in all of the world definitely helps your bottom line and takes up a majority of the value in this. However, he built the Dallas Cowboys from a laughing stock to the most well-known sports property in the world and has to be commended by it, despite their quarter century of not winning a single Super Bowl. 


Talking about individual owners is one thing but looking at a group of wealthy people banning together to form an empire in the sports world is extremely interesting. Will this list ever change with the popularity in the NFL seeming to increase and the MLB Lockout continuing as of this writing? Time will only tell. 

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