10 Essential Tips for class 5 Olympiad Exam Preparation


To know the essential tips for Olympiad preparation let’s first understand what Olympiad exams are. Olympiads are assessments that assist students in developing their problem-solving and logical abilities, which are necessary for success in future competitive exams. These examinations are organized on a big scale to allow students to examine their performance and talents. This examination is held at the state levels and national levels. So, when students from various schools and areas fight with one another, it boosts their spirit and allows them to improve intellectually and psychologically. 

Important Note: Students should not wait for the schedule of the Olympiads to be announced.  They shall begin their preparations as soon as possible. Students who achieve international rankings begin their training as soon as they enter the following grade.

10 tips to prepare for the Olympiad exam 

  1. Examine the syllabus: The content for the test that students will be taking must be reviewed. The content for each Olympiad exam is available on the Olympiad’s official website. Looking at the syllabus before starting to study for the test will help them understand the exact subjects they need to learn so that they can efficiently arrange their study time.
  2. Make a schedule that works for you: An efficient study plan is required for Olympiad preparation. So, the next stage is to create and stick to a schedule. Examine the Olympiad schedules for different subjects this will help students to devote time to each subject and topic proficiently. They should create a balanced routine that includes a good mix of schoolwork, Olympiad preparation, and leisure. They should always set aside an hour each day for Olympiad preparation its revision, and practice. 
  • Develop a thorough understanding of the concepts: As questions on the Olympiad Exam are based on conceptual knowledge, students must thoroughly comprehend of every idea and topic covered in the Olympiad syllabus. Sometimes, to achieve the appropriate solution to a single question, students may need to comprehend two or three topics. As a result, the children should study properly. Only proper planning will enable individuals to feel confident and capable of answering the difficult questions that can be raised for any competitive test. 
  • Jot out some brief revision notes: Because the Olympiad examinations are dependent on the school syllabus, students must take notes and memorising key facts for each topic covered in class. Such short information will come in handy for future references and revisions, allowing you to learn more quickly.
  • Recognize and address your flaws: Students must concentrate on their areas of weakness and work to improve them. They must not squander their time studying their strong areas. This is where the majority of the students are supposed to focus. A solution set is included with each mock question paper. By digging deeper into the solution sets, students can readily identify their weak spots.
  • Don’t neglect the logical Reasoning part: This is the most critical part that students must consider. Many parents and kids are unaware that IMO has a distinct segment on logical thinking. Students commonly lose points on these questions because they are unprepared. Students may use logical reasoning questions to help them think clearly and logically while also understanding the logical link. This method aids students in improving their overall academic performance.
  • Finish, Revise and Restart: Olympiad preparation isn’t just about improving your grey matter’s skills. It’s also beneficial to develop a habit of attentive and persistent study. After students finished their course, they should always practise with sample papers or mock examinations regularly. They should never leave a question unanswered and be determined to find the solution, whether on their own or with the assistance of instructors, parents, or classmates. If they feel falling short, they shall go back and read that concept again to strengthen it.
  • Solve sample papers and mock tests from past years: Every student in class 5 is required to solve the Previous Year Paper for IMO Class 5 Maths 2014 to evaluate their knowledge in preparation for Olympiad tests. Additionally, mastering these papers will assist children in bringing up their Olympiad abilities. Aside from that, students are also required to solve sample papers in order to learn various questions related to each area. Students will understand their strengths and weaknesses regarding the specific topics of study after completing these papers and assessing the correctness of their answers. Then take a written exam and evaluate the results.
  • Understand the benchmark for Olympiad questions: Although the material for Olympiad examinations is largely equal to that of the school syllabus, Olympiad questions are a little difficult since they assess abilities like observing, applicability, problem-solving, and strong analytical. Students need good conceptual knowledge to answer these questions. As a consequence, it is vital to assist students in comprehending the level of difficulty of Olympiad test questions so that they may prepare properly. Examining prior year’s papers might assist students in understanding the exam’s standard and structure.
  •  Maintain your concentration and motivation: We already know that everything that is understood with complete focus and a positive attitude is well remembered. Students are prone to be being exhausted when studying. Make sure they do not miss their meals and are eating on time, whether it’s a regular glass of milk or nuts. Nutrition is crucial for maintaining high energy levels and a clear mind. As a result, they should limit the intake of junk food, which causes fatigue, and consume a well-balanced diet rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Keep in mind that “a healthy mind lives in a healthy body.

What Can You Do Just prior to the exam Night? Before the exam, students should review any quick notes they may have taken. They should never begin a new topic the night before an exam since it will confuse them and cause them to forget what they have learned. During the preparation time, the student must remain calm and motivated.


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