10 things to do in online graduation ceremonies

Yet another year, and here we are on the most unexpected turns of life. 2020 was the first batch to have graduated online without ceremonies and was hoping to be the only one. Pretty soon, although batch 2021 is all set with online graduation ceremonies and more students are ready to take on their careers. But without being disheartened, it’s time to feel lucky and appreciates the well being of all those around us. And it’s in the best interest of everybody to crack the problem and still have graduation ceremonies even if they happen online. Students in 2020 may not have got the idea of doing it because it was the first time, but this year, we are hoping for a big blast from many college students because it looks like it’s on its way to becoming a trend. Hence, we present before you some ideas on how you can close your yearly graduation parties with full-on blasts online, staying safe and indoors. Order cake online Chennai, spread some confetti around, put up some balloons and have everyone do that before switching on your cameras on the final meet before the new journey.

  • Send invitations

Everyone is online and in front of their screens these days but getting people to come and be present at a thing you are organising is still hard. Hence get formal invitations and send them to everyone personally, initiating an urge and desperation for everyone to attend from juniors, teachers, the current batch.

  • Set social media trends

Set the trend on social media using a hashtag relevant to the situation and one personalised to your institute and occasion. In today’s time, getting heed on such topics from the crowd, in general, ends up giving a plus point and more recognition to the university and students also tracking in a lot of opportunities.

  • Award the students

Remember how there is always a ceremony of gifting badges to students at the end of farewell etc., to reward their contribution and excellent performance. Do a similar thing there and tag every student with a simple name, including Mr and Mrs farewell. The recognition always ends up on good terms.

  • Farewell speeches

To all those who volunteer, give a chance to speak their heart out about their college life and everything else associated with it. You can have everyone say a word or two as well, but there are always some people in the classroom who are outspoken and make sure these still come forward to make this a memorable moment.

  • Thanking note to teachers

Thank your teachers for their incessant effort regardless of online teaching and the constant pressure to excel. You can say a collective thing while on your video calls to your teachers as well, and you can ask one student to say everything on everyone’s behalf as well. There have been instances online where people have gone out of their effort to do extraordinary things for their teachers.

  • Music and dance sessions

When your cameras and mics are on, it’s almost like a superb party going on just differently. Enjoy this party and along with your friends singing and dance at your places and enjoy a time together just like you would have had everything been online.

  • Pranks and stories of the past

Sometimes talking is all you need to do, and when it’s a bunch of friends talking about all times, there’s no stoppage to it. Hence pull off some new pranks, talk about the old ones. Talk about everything from what happened to what could have happened. The session is likely to end in a teary way, but you will all still remember it like yesterday till eternity.

  • A note on what you will miss

Send not to each other. You can write one note per person that will be circulated in the class, or you can write personalised ones for everyone in the class or your closest friends. You can make it more interesting by making everyone read what they have written and for whom. It can include limericks, the hottest confessions, sweetest stories and everything else you have in your mind.

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