Role of Drawing & Arts-Crafts in Student Life

Creativity is needed on a very grave level in the academic life of kids. And this creativity is best nurtured with the help of drawing & arts-crafts. Because these subjects help the students develop their imagination and creativity at a very effective level. It hardly matters that a child chooses colours, chalk or pencil to draw his emotions, each and every child uses art as medium to express his or her feelings. Just like other mediums of expression, drawing is also very easy and a natural medium of expression of thoughts and feelings. Drawing is a very creative talent of a child which is full of imagination and creativity. It is just like music or dancing. Just like when children opt for music of dancing, they show their full talent and express all their feelings like enthusiasm in dancing and music, the same way drawing works. It is said sometimes that drawing is the foremost language through which a child can explain his thoughts and expression. Drawing is the medium through which a child learns the art of creation. 

LMS & ERP are those mediums which help students in online learning properly. The same way drawing also develops technical aspects of hands of childlike development of fine motor skills which includes the specialized movements of hands, wrists and fingers. As a result, when the child grows up, he, as an adult, can rely completely on his fine motor skills while driving a car or playing a guitar. Such balance between the different skills of the body makes the child later multitasking. Small age group children feel difficulties in understanding some dimensions such as size and distance comparison. Drawing gives an easy way for a child to understand these concepts. When a child draws a drawing then he gradually gets an idea of size and the distances of the figures he has drawn from each other and makes visual analysis of each of the figures and makes an imaginative calculation which improves his ability of recognizing distances and figures. Drawing needs complete dedication and concentration while it is done because the artist who is drawing has to think with concentration to draw exactly how he is thinking and what he is thinking. Hence it is essential that the one who is drawing should have concentration while drawing and students learn this gradually while practicing drawing.

Just like drawing, arts and crafts have been the method of expressing the feelings and emotions on canvas or clay or on sand or on any other medium of arts and crafts. Many times, kids use these mediums of arts and crafts to express how they feel about their friends and family and what they want them to behave like with them. It assists the students just like LMS and ERP assist them in online learning. If parents and tutors want to know how their kid thinks or what he or she thinks about the most so they should look at the back page of their rough copy, because it is their canvas where their most of the emotions float int form of little pictures they draw or pics they carve on pages so why not to provide them proper medium to see their emotions in a proper beautiful form. Arts and crafts are those mediums which improve the fine motor skills of the kids and make them use their hidden talents too. In arts kids use their hands to hold art materials like paint, brush, pencils, pastel, mud or clay. All these help to strengthen the muscles of hands and give their hands the modes to handle and use them.  These arts and crafts mediums are those methods which connect the kids with other people so that their social criteria may exceed and they can improve their socialization skills. 

Many times, it happens that kids have to make some tough decisions while they are performing their arts and crafts where they are tangled all of a sudden and then they have to take decisions by themselves completely to solve the situation to create a good piece of art or craft. This way their decision-making skills develop without any external training. Kids use their imagination power in order to make something without seeing, for these kids use the atmosphere which they have as their surroundings and they are a good piece of art. Therefore, it is clear that the induction of arts and crafts in their curriculum makes the students use their imagination in a better way and they start to research for the correct content therefore their searching ability is enhanced in a very small age. Students also imitate their surroundings very fast but then they use it in their art or craft then they give a new dimension to that surrounding picture and make a masterpiece. To make a good piece of art and craft kids and students have to visualise their surroundings or a beautiful scenery for a good time and in this way, they start to use their visual skill in a better way. Seeing all the above facts mentioned drawing, arts and crafts should be compulsory for the students and kids in their early education.

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