10 Tips for Buying Right Size Shoes

Shoes are the second most important thing after your dress, in making your look appealing. Shoes come in many different forms and looks, depending on the occasion, event or purpose of wearing them. 

They’re sneakers for walking, black platform boots for parties or casual for beaches and home. They’re classified as per their needs but for buying the right size you must follow these helping tips for picking the best size for you. So keep reading:

1- Cut Your Toenails

Buying shoes is typically not a tricky thing, but you need to get your feet well prepared before reaching any store for perfect fits. For this, you should cut your nails because they could cause discomfort while checking shoe sizes, especially boots that are closed from the front. These uncut toenails sometimes mislead you to buy a wrong size that is a little bit larger than what you actually want.

2- Bring Your Socks Along

When you go out to buy a new pair of shoes, don’t try them bare foot, especially if you’re willing to wear them later with socks. It could cause a slight but meaningful difference in your shoe size. 

Socks are a functional accessory, which not only absorbs sweat from the feet, gives cushion and cover underneath and also protects you against cold in winters. However, don’t use the socks offered by shops as they’re mostly unhygienic or very thin, and aren’t recommended at all.

3- Wear Both Shoes

Like a pair of shoes, you have a pair of feet too that might not be the same size or may have a shape difference. Due to this, you must check both the shoes, which one is more fit and easy while walking. 

If one is tight and the other is ok, go for the comfortable one, because a tight, fitted shoe can cause sore fingers, blisters and unease while wearing them. Also prefer not to trust the shoe displayed, as it’s worn many times and its fit might be different than one in the warehouse.

4- Never Buy an Assumed Foot Size

After a certain age like when you’ve grown fully in terms of height, you settle with a foot size which remains almost the same your whole life but it doesn’t go with some cases. 

Many people, when attempting to lose weight, have noticed shrinking hand fingers and feet which could cause a slight change in their ring sizes and shoe sizes too. it could also be affected by any injuries, inverted feet, weight gain too. So avoid online shopping, always go, wear them and check thoroughly before buying Best Top international news.

5- Consider Width

The shoe sizes are measured in length, which is the standard way of measuring any shoe with sizes and numbers; but many times, the makeup of the shoe is tight, compressing the balls of your feet, causing restlessness after walking for a while. 

This could also be about your feet which are wider and you need a shoe according to your needs. So, it’s better to check it beforehand and not pick a shoe that holds your feet tightly.

6- Shoe Shopping After Lunch

You might be thinking what type of tip is it? Is there any specific time to shop for shoes? To your surprise, yes, you must go to buy a perfect pair of shoes after noon. Closed foot wears like black platform shoes may seem to be well fit in the mornings but you may discover the trouble later. 

This is due to your feet, which swells and expands naturally throughout the day, and this change is quite prominent in a few individuals. So, it’s better to avoid early morning shopping especially for new pairs of shoes as it could create size and width issues.

7- Test Your Shoes

Once you’ve decided the design, shape and type of shoes you intend to buy, it’s time to wear both of them at the same time and walk around in the shop to test their comfort and fit. Make sure you have some space from your longest toes and till the end of the shoe. 

This will exert less pressure on front toes allowing them to wiggle and move with enough room to do so. If they’re for running, run a little to check the size and strength, it must have enough ankle support and heel cushion. First and foremost, thing is that you feel good after wearing them.

You can even come home and try them walking around, looking at their look in front of the mirror with the outfit like black platform shoes or lace up wedges. It’ll also soften them up before wearing it out, and won’t get dirty, for instance, if you feel any problem, go to the shop and simply exchange or return it.

8- Shoes Arch Support

Many women prefer flats, ballerina pumps or slippers/sandals which have no arch support enabled. However, it’s a crucial support for your feet which otherwise could create medical issues. 

The arch length is measured from your heel to the ball of your feet. The ball of the feet is where your big toe joints bend. You may experience plantar fasciitis, misalignment of foot and even in worst cases strain on the knees, hips and back bone.

9- Comfort

Trust your instincts rather than any other things like shoe size or its description or even the sales boy whose aim is only to sell the shoes with least concern about your comfort and money. Sizes, shapes may vary with various brands and manufacturers. 

So, you’re the best judge of your shoes. comfort comes before durability, money and fashion trends too. don’t save a few pennies to compromise on comfort.

10- Avoid High Heels

High heels look trendy and formal but aren’t good from a health perspective. They put excess pressure on the front foot, enabling less support on the arch and front foot. 

If you love high heels, lace up wedges are a good choice which gives better base support and evenly distributes the pressure of the body and foot. Prefer a heel height not more than 1.5 inches in normal heels. 

Sum up

Shoes are a wearable accessory, which spruce up the look of your outfit and are extremely functional too. the right size, shape and fit can make you feel in heaven but similarly if they didn’t buy the right size, they’ll surely cause big trouble.

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