3 Benefits of an IP Intercom

Communications play a major role in our households, businesses, and societies, and most communications systems work by sending and receiving video or audio transmissions via two-way communication protocols. Traditional intercoms have evolved significantly over the years. Today, you can use an IP intercom system to transmit multiple data types between IP networks. Unlike traditional intercom options, transmitting data via the internet gives users more room to receive and use transmitted data. The benefits of this upgrade are endless for all communicators. We’ve listed a few below.

1. Scalability

Businesses need efficient operations to gain an advantage in today’s increasingly competitive world. Communication between employees, customers, and other stakeholders is crucial to scale any business. IP intercom systems come with a wide range of features compared to analog intercom systems, which mainly revolve around audio and video. These features include mobile apps and integrations with systems like access control system solutions and property management software.

A business using IP intercom systems can also access more features to make better decisions and efforts. But as the business grows, it may need to update its communication infrastructure. Often this results in a huge amount of data transfer, architecture rebuild, cable investments, and other capital-intensive maintenance works. But the benefits of an IP intercom system can help a business bypass the need for heavy maintenance by implementing additional call points to serve new arrivals on the user list. Generally, many businesses and even individuals opt for IP intercom systems because of performance quality and reduction in maintenance costs.

2. Efficient Data Management

Modern companies rely on data before making crucial decisions. As the world evolves, there are plausible reasons to trust and leverage today’s data power. COVID-19, for instance, has forced many on-premise business systems to transition to virtual environments in response to work-from-home demands and health concerns.

Almost every operation, from opening your car door with an Android device to Zoom meetings, results in tons of data that can either be a force to reckon with or a nuisance. The amount of data a business or household system can access is as important as its capacity to use that data. That’s why businesses trust IP intercom systems to help manage and capture the right data which they need to make better decisions.

3. Crime Prevention

Cyber security is a topical issue for businesses of all types. In 2020, there were over a thousand data breach cases in the U.S alone. An IP intercom system can significantly help to improve security and anticipate threats. IP camera systems, for instance, can work with your access control system to capture the data of visitors more efficiently. Knowing who gets in and out of your premises can give you enough control to anticipate and stop threats in real-time.

Security operators can hear, see and assess credentials before allowing entry which can be a great way for a business or homeowner to secure their property. Businesses can also benefit from account takeover detection and the extra layer of security of an IP intercom system provides beyond physical security. It can also provide security experts with the tools and best practices needed to protect your company’s digital assets from hackers and malicious activities.

That being said, an IP intercom system will first require a business to establish its own internal and external communication protocols. It can be a secret password only known to your staff or a two-factor authentication system that alerts owners of information before granting access. That way, it will be easier to identify unauthorized access in time for quick resolutions. Some IP intercom software even encrypts data, making it hard for hackers to access.

Beyond the tools presented by intercom systems, your business can enjoy the data-secure culture it demands from work and household environments.

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